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Translations on Sefaria
Where do translations come from? What is Sefaria's philosophy on translation? How can I view and switch translations?
Sefaria Education227 ViewsSeptember 18, 2023How To,Translation
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Adding and Editing Translations
Instructions for contributing to and editing the Sefaria Community Translation.
Sefaria Education798 ViewsMay 2, 2023Translation,How To
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Customizing Source Texts and Translations
An explanation of all of the ways to personalize a text on Sefaria, including how to change translations and how to use the Aא menu.
Sefaria Education1119 ViewsSeptember 7, 2022Tutorial,Sefaria,How To
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Supporting Sefaria
There are many ways to contribute to Sefaria, from making a donation to creating source sheets. We're grateful for your support!
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Making a Source Sheet on the New Editor
Try out Sefaria's new editor with these step-by-step instructions.
Sefaria Education5604 ViewsMarch 22, 2022How To,Tutorial,Sefaria
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Making a Source Sheet
Learn how to create a source sheet on Sefaria. This tutorial teaches you how to add texts, images, videos, and more.
Sefaria Education11434 ViewsJanuary 23, 2020Tutorial,Sefaria,How To
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Getting Started With Sefaria
Everything you need to get started with Sefaria
Sefaria Education14401 ViewsJanuary 9, 2020
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Use and Reuse of Sources - Copyright Status
Nearly all of our library is free for reuse. In this sheet, we cover how to check a text's license, or copyright status, to check if there are any requirements, restrictions, or exceptions, and how to properly cite a source.
Sefaria Education4497 ViewsApril 2, 2020Tutorial,How To,Sefaria
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Interconnected Texts
How is Sefaria's library different from a physical library? One big feature is that all of our texts are linked to each other, so you can discover connections with the click of a button.
Sefaria Education5741 ViewsFebruary 12, 2020Sefaria,Tutorial,Technology,How To
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Using Reference Tools
Did you know Sefaria has three dictionaries available to you at all times? Learn how to use these resources to take your learning to the next level!
Sefaria Education6974 ViewsApril 30, 2020How To,Tutorial,Sefaria
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Managing Your Account
Did you know you can create a free Sefaria account to access special learning tools and resources? Get started now!
Sefaria Education2228 ViewsFebruary 25, 2021Sefaria,How To,Tutorial
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Accessibility Features
Need a larger font size? Learn how to adjust your font size, enable dark mode, and use screen readers on Sefaria.
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The Resource Panel
Learn how to get the most out of Sefaria's resource panel: Switch translations, view manuscripts, compare texts, and more!
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Finding Texts
Learn how to find texts and sheets on Sefaria.
Sefaria Education7276 ViewsJanuary 15, 2020How To,Sefaria,Tutorial
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Saving/Bookmarking Texts
Instructions for saving or bookmarking a text on Sefaria. How do I save a text? How do I remove a bookmark? Where do I find my bookmarks?
Sefaria Education190 ViewsJuly 3, 2023How To,Sefaria,Tutorial
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Topics Tutorial
Curious about finding resources on a certain topic, author, or Torah portion? Find out how to use the Topics feature on Sefaria.
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Formatting Sheets
Want to customize the sources you add to your sheets? Learn how to number your sources, edit their format and language, remove nikkud, and more.
Sefaria Education8145 ViewsFebruary 13, 2020Sefaria,Tutorial,How To
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How Do I Start Learning on Sefaria?
With a huge library of Jewish texts, how does one find a text to start learning? This sheet helps new Sefaria learners to begin their journey.
Sefaria Education430 ViewsMarch 28, 2023How To,Sefaria,Tutorial
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Already Donated To Sefaria? Get Help Managing Your Donation
Need to make adjustments to your donation? Find all of the information here.
Sefaria Education1006 ViewsNovember 2, 2021Donation,Sefaria,Tzedakah,How To
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Learn how to collect and organize your favorite Sefaria sheets using the Collections feature. This tutorial teaches you how to create a collection of your own sheets and/or sheets written by other Sefaria community members.
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