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Getting Started With Sefaria
Everything you need to get started with Sefaria
Sefaria Education5355 ViewsJanuary 9, 2020
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Interconnected Texts
How is Sefaria's library different from a physical library? One big feature is that all of our texts are linked to each other, so you can discover connections with the click of a button.
Sefaria Education1995 ViewsFebruary 12, 2020Technology,Sefaria,Tutorial,How To
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Navigating Sefaria's New Design
We’ve created a new design of the Sefaria site to help you find new ways to engage with the library and deepen your Jewish learning. This sheet explains the major improvements we made to Sefaria (as of July 2021).
Sefaria Education3151 ViewsJune 18, 2021
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Finding Texts
Learn how to find texts and sheets on Sefaria.
Sefaria Education2482 ViewsJanuary 15, 2020How To,Sefaria,Tutorial
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Topics Tutorial
Curious about finding resources on a certain topic, author, or Torah portion? Find out how to use the Topics feature on Sefaria.
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The Profile Page
Customize your Sefaria profile! Choose your preferred language, select a custom for Haftarah readings, explore your reading history, find a list of your sheets, and more.
Sefaria Education1046 ViewsFebruary 25, 2021How To,Tutorial,Sefaria
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Use and Reuse of Sources
Nearly all of our library is free for reuse. In this sheet, we cover how to check a text's license, or copyright status, to check if there are any requirements, restrictions, or exceptions.
Sefaria Education2162 ViewsApril 2, 2020How To,Sefaria,Tutorial
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The Resource Panel
Learn how to get the most out of Sefaria's resource panel: Switch translations, view manuscripts, compare texts, and more!
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Supporting Sefaria
There are many ways to contribute to Sefaria, from making a donation to creating source sheets. We're grateful for your support!
Sefaria Education2426 ViewsApril 21, 2020Tzedakah,Translation,Sefaria
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Already Donated To Sefaria? Get Help Managing Your Donation
Need to make adjustments to your donation? Find all of the information here.
Sefaria Education392 ViewsNovember 2, 2021
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Managing Your Account
Did you know you can create a free Sefaria account to access special learning tools and resources? Get started now!
Sefaria Education1089 ViewsFebruary 25, 2021How To,Tutorial,Sefaria
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Contacting Sefaria
Have a question for Sefaria? Want to report an error or bug? We'd love to hear from you!
Sefaria Education2547 ViewsJanuary 29, 2020
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Making a Source Sheet
Learn how to create a source sheet on Sefaria. This tutorial teaches you how to add texts, images, videos, and more.
Sefaria Education4945 ViewsJanuary 23, 2020How To,Sefaria,Tutorial
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Formatting Sheets
Want to customize the sources you add to your sheets? Learn how to number your sources, edit their format and language, remove nikkud, and more.
Sefaria Education3312 ViewsFebruary 13, 2020Tutorial,How To,Sefaria
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Collaborating With Others
Learn how to invite people to collaborate with you on your source sheets! This tutorial takes you through all of the different privacy setting options so you can choose the best one for each of your sheets.
Sefaria Education1396 ViewsApril 28, 2020How To,Sefaria,Tutorial
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Learn how to collect and organize your favorite Sefaria sheets using the Collections feature. This tutorial teaches you how to create a collection of your own sheets and/or sheets written by other Sefaria community members.
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Copying a Sheet
Inspired by someone else's Sefaria sheet? Learn how to edit it so that it suits your exact needs.
Sefaria Education2000 ViewsMarch 23, 2020Sefaria,Tutorial,How To
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Everything you need to know about printing from the library or a sheet.
Sefaria Education4342 ViewsFebruary 12, 2020
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Selecting a Language
Everything you need to know about selecting your preferred languages for the Sefaria site and for translations.
Sefaria Education2072 ViewsFebruary 12, 2020Sefaria,How To,Tutorial
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Using the Sefaria App
Everything you need to know about downloading and using Sefaria on your mobile devices!
Sefaria Education2240 ViewsFebruary 25, 2020Tutorial,How To,Sefaria,Technology
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