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Making a Source Sheet
Sefaria Education2990 ViewsJan 23 2020
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Supporting Sefaria
Sefaria Education1533 ViewsApr 21 2020
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Sefaria Education1271 ViewsJan 4 2021
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Navigating Sefaria's New Design
We’ve created a new design of the Sefaria site to help you find new ways to engage with the library and deepen your Jewish learning. This sheet explains the major improvements we made to Sefaria (as of July 2021).
Not PublishedSefaria Education2511 ViewsJun 18 2021
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Managing Your Account
Sefaria Education454 ViewsFeb 25 2021
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Interconnected Texts
Sefaria Education1082 ViewsFeb 12 2020
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The Resource Panel
Sefaria Education7917 ViewsFeb 17 2020
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The Profile Page
Sefaria Education429 ViewsFeb 25 2021
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Using Reference Tools
Sefaria Education1562 ViewsApr 30 2020
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Selecting a Language
Sefaria Education1293 ViewsFeb 12 2020
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Getting Started With Sefaria
Everything you need to get started with Sefaria
Sefaria Education2565 ViewsJan 9 2020
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Topics Tutorial
Information about using the Topics feature on Sefaria
Sefaria Education2173 ViewsApr 21 2020
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Finding Texts
Learn how to find texts and sheets on Sefaria
Sefaria Education1528 ViewsJan 15 2020
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Using the Apps
Sefaria Education1262 ViewsFeb 25 2020
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Copying a Sheet
Sefaria Education1249 ViewsMar 23 2020
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Accessibility Features
Sefaria Education1514 ViewsFeb 6 2020
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Formatting Sheets
Sefaria Education2072 ViewsFeb 13 2020
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