Saving/Bookmarking Texts
How do I save or bookmark a text?
Note: To use the bookmark feature you must be logged into your Sefaria account.
Clicking on the bookmark icon in the header will bookmark the place.
  • If you tap the icon while reading the text, it will save at the chapter level.
  • If you tap on the text to open the resource panel in the bottom portion of the screen (app) or side (website) and then tap the icon, you will bookmark at the verse or passage level.
Once you tap the icon, it will show you where you placed the bookmark.
How do I remove a bookmark?
Unselecting the icon will remove the bookmark.
Where do I find my bookmarks?
Click "Saved" on the homepage (app) or the bookmark icon next to the search bar (website) to open the saved text page. All of your bookmarks will be listed on the page.