Using the Sefaria App
Does Sefaria have apps?
Yes! Enjoy Sefaria's entire library and all of its links and interconnections on-the-go with Sefaria's apps.

What platforms does Sefaria support?
Sefaria has apps for Android and iOS, available to download for free.

Where do I find the apps?
You will find the Android app in the Google Play Store and the iOS app in the App Store. Learn more about our apps here.

How do I access the connections on the app?
1. Click on the text to open the resource panel below.
2. All of the connections will be listed in the bottom section of your screen.
How do I change translations on the app?
1. Click on the text to open the resource panel below.
2. Click "Translations".
3. Select your preferred translation.
4. Touch the text (the new translation) on the bottom of the screen.
5. Click "Open version".

Can I download the library to use it offline? How do I do that?
Yes, you can and it is very helpful for when you don't have internet access.
1. Click on "Account" and then"Settings".
2. Scroll down to "Offline Access".
3. Select either the complete library or the sections that you are interested in.
4. The download will begin on its own.

Why should I log into my app and how can I do it?
Logging into the app syncs the website with the app. Texts that you have saved in one place will be saved in the other. Your text history will also be synced. When you click on "Sheets", you will have the option to open "My Sheets" which will give you access to all of the sheets that you have created.
To log in, open "Settings" and click "Log In". Add your email address and password and you're in!

How can I access Topics on the app?
  • Clic "Topics" in the bottom navigation bar.
  • Click on a topic.
  • Toggle between sources and sheets.
Consult the Topics Tutorial for additional information about Topics.