Accessibility Features
Can I adjust the size of the text?
Yes! To adjust the font, click on the A (formerly the Aא) button at the top of the page. Click repeatedly on the buttons indicating bigger and smaller text under "Font size" until the text appears at the optimal size for you.

Is there a dark mode on Sefaria?
Sefaria can be viewed in dark mode on the iOS and Android apps.
To switch to dark mode, click on the Aא button and click on the black box under the heading "Color".
While the website does not have an option for viewing Sefaria in dark mode, you can use the tools on your own computer that allow you to switch the colors.

Can Sefaria be read by screen readers?
Sefaria's engineers have worked to ensure that the site will be navigable by screen readers. We tested primarily with the latest version of JAWS in Internet Explorer and Chrome, but also used NVDA and Apple's built-in VoiceOver reader. Much like the differences between web browsers, these assistive technologies "see" and render the site differently, and while different users have their favorite tools, we believe that Sefaria is best experienced by screen reader using the combination of JAWS and Chrome.

How can I navigate Sefaria by using the keyboard?
Everything on the site is accessible using the following keys:
  • Tab/Shift-Tab to move around the site
  • Return to select
  • Esc to go back
  • Arrow keys to select in dropdown menus
Please let us know if you encounter any accessibility problems. Email us at [email protected].