Headshot of Daniel Septimus
Daniel Septimus
Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Brett Lockspeiser
Brett Lockspeiser
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
Headshot of Annie Lumerman
Annie Lumerman
Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of Lev Israel
Lev Israel
Chief Data Officer
Headshot of Sara Wolkenfeld
Sara Wolkenfeld
Chief Learning Officer
Headshot of Lizi Martin
Lizi Martin
Israel Director
Headshot of Loren Berman
Loren Berman
Outreach & Engagement Associate
Headshot of Rachel Buckman
Rachel Buckman
Sr. Education Associate
Headshot of Ephraim Damboritz
Ephraim Damboritz
Sr. Managing Engineer
Headshot of Lizzie Frankel
Lizzie Frankel
Communications and Marketing Associate
Headshot of Yishai Glasner
Yishai Glasner
Jr. Content Engineer
Headshot of Hannah Goldberger
Hannah Goldberger
Development Manager
Headshot of Tali Herenstein
Tali Herenstein
Chief of Staff
Headshot of Steve Kaplan
Steve Kaplan
Content Engineer
Headshot of Jonathan Mosenkis
Jonathan Mosenkis
Sr. Content Engineer
Headshot of Russel Neiss
Russel Neiss
Sr. Product Engineer
Headshot of Rebecca Remisn
Rebecca Remis
Finance & Operations Manager
Headshot of Shanee Rosen
Shanee Rosen
Content Engineer
Headshot of Noah Santacruz
Noah Santacruz
Sr. Research Engineer
Headshot of Chava Tzemach
Chava Tzemach
Sr. Communications and Marketing Manager
Headshot of Shmuel Weissman
Shmuel Weissman
Manager of Text Acquisition and Text Quality
Headshot of Hedva Yechieli
Hedva Yechieli
Education Coordinator Israel


Joshua Foer
Chairman and Co-Founder
Brett Lockspeiser
Mo Koyfman
Elana Stein Hain
Felicia Herman
Jonathan Koschitzky
Joshua Kushner
Raanan Agus
Rona Sheramy
Michael Englander
Ruth Calderon
Samuel Moed
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