Our Supporters התומכים שלנו

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors whose generosity and leadership are making Sefaria possible. אנו מכירים תודה לתורמים הבאים, שבזכות נדיבותם והנהגתם ספריא ממשיכה לפעול

Founder’s Circle מעגל המייסדים

Partners שותפים

Koschitzky Family

Maimonides Fund

Innovators יזמים

Raanan and Nicole Agus

Aryeh B. and Elana Bourkoff

Aviv Foundation

Belsky Family

David and Tracey Frankel

Hilary and Mo Koyfman

Linda and Leib Koyfman

Joshua Kushner

Jorian Polis Schutz

Builders בונים

The Applebaum Foundation

The Beker Foundation

Joyce and Fred Claar

Alisa and Dan Doctoroff

Virginia Bayer and Rabbi Robert Hirt

Ari and Rebecca Elias-Bachrach

Joshua and Dinah Foer

Simone Friedman/EJF Philanthropies

The Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation

Tamar and Eric Goldstein

Terri and Andrew Herenstein

Jonathan Herlands and Rachel Neumark Herlands

Kassan Family

Samuel and Vicki Katz Philanthropic Fund

Tina and Akiva Katz

Linda and Ilan Kaufthal

The Klipper Fund

Mitchell and Karen Kuflik

Edy and Jacob Kupietzky and Family

Marc Kushner

Seryl and Charles Kushner Family Foundation

Dr. Lester and Nancy Lockspeiser

Jennifer and David Millstone

James and Nicky Rothschild

Joshua and Julia Ruch

Targum Shlishi and Raquel and Aryeh Rubin

Ilan and Dana Rubinstein

Schimmel Family

Joseph C. and Nina Shenker

Doug and Fabienne Silverman

Slingshot Fund

The Kurt and Rose Stanger Charitable Trust

Jeff Swartz

Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch

Kevin Ulrich

Harlan Waksal, M.D.

Bernard, Irwin & Lila Weinstein Foundation

Tova and Howard Weiser

We are also thankful to the following individuals and organizations for their generosity: אנו מודים לארגונים וליחידים הבאים על נדיבותם:

Mark Cohen, Pearl Cohen

Contact יצירת קשר

To learn more about becoming a lead supporter, please contact Daniel Septimus at 917-398-2542 or [email protected]. אם ברצונכם לבחון את האפשרות להיות תומכים מובילים, אנא צרו קשר עם דניאל ספטימוס בטלפון 917-398-2542 או במייל [email protected].

Donations to Sefaria are tax deductible as allowed by law. תרומות לספריא פטורות ממס כפי שקבוע בחוק.