Managing Your Account
What is a Sefaria account and why do I want one?
A free Sefaria account allows you full access to everything that Sefaria has to offer.
While you don't need an account to access Sefaria's library, logging into Sefaria allows you to personalize your learning experience. When you are logged in, you can save texts, view your reading history, and track your learning with our Torah Tracker. You can also take notes alongside the text, create Sheets, and curate collections for sharing content.
How do I sign up for a Sefaria account?
Signing up for a free Sefaria account is quick and easy.
1. Click "Sign Up" on the homepage.
2. Enter an e-mail address and create a password. Check the box if you wish to receive the educator newsletter.
How do I change my password?
To change your password:
  1. Log out of your account.
  2. Click on “Forgot Your Password?”
  3. Complete the form.
    How do I change the email address attached to my Sefaria account?
    On the website, select "Account Settings" from the profile button dropdown menu. Type your new email address into the field beneath "Account Email" and click "Change Email".