Getting Started With Sefaria

What is Sefaria?

Sefaria is a free, living library of Jewish texts, in Hebrew and in translation. The texts in our library are fully searchable, categorized by topic, and related sections of text are interlinked, making it easy for users to move from one source to another.

Sefaria’s Sheet Builder allows registered users to create content that includes texts from the Sefaria library, outside texts, comments, and media. Sheet authors have the opportunity to share their work with the Sefaria community by making them public – adding the Sheet to the library.

To make the library available on-the-go, Sefaria has both Android and iOS apps. The apps allow you to download the library to your phone, which means that you can have an entire Jewish library in the palm of your hand, even without an internet connection.

This Sheet and others in the FAQ Group will help you get the most out of the features Sefaria has to offer. If you have additional questions, please feel free to write to us anytime at [email protected].

Watch the video below to take a quick tour of Sefaria.

What is a Sefaria account and why do I want one?

A free Sefaria account allows you full access to everything that Sefaria has to offer.

While you don't need an account to access Sefaria's library, logging into Sefaria allows you to personalize your learning experience. When you are logged in, you can save texts, view your reading history, and track your learning with our Torah Tracker. You can also take notes alongside the text, create Sheets, and curate collections for sharing content.

How do I sign up for a Sefaria account?

Signing up for a free Sefaria account is quick and easy.

1. Click "Sign Up" on the homepage.

2. Enter an e-mail address and create a password. Check the box if you wish to receive the educator newsletter.

What can I find on the library homepage?

The library homepage is the main way to navigate through the site. It can be accessed from any page by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines (the hamburger) in the top left corner of the screen.

The main sections of the homepage are:

1. Texts - Clicking on "more" opens all of the categories shown below.

2. Calendar

3. Topics - Popular topics categories can be found in the Topics section. Click on any topics category to find subtopics and to narrow down your search. Click "All Topics" to access the full list of topics and the topics search bar. For more information about Topics, click here.

How do I donate to Sefaria from the homepage?

Support Sefaria - Links to ways that you can support our work at Sefaria.

What information can I find at the bottom of the page?

From the footer, you can navigate to many important places on the site. Want to learn about the Sefaria team? Interested in teaching with Sefaria? Need information about the Sefaria API? It's all there, and more, in the footer.