The Epstein School, Solomon Schechter School of Atlanta, provides unsurpassed academic excellence through an integrated, bilingual curriculum taught by a talented, compassionate faculty and bolstered by cutting-edge technology. We foster a caring community that encourages each child to reach his or her potential and embraces partnership between family, home and school. Guided by the principles of Conservative Judaism - God, Torah and Israel - and the timeless religious ideals of our people, we prepare our students to become confident, excited learners and leaders, responsible citizens and knowledgeable, committed Jews.
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Selections from Esther 1 about Vashti & corresponding Talmud and Midrash
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The Music and Texts of Rabbi Josh Warshawsky: Ki Tzarich
A source sheet for a middle school rabbinics class based on the songs of Rabbi Josh Warshawsky
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Chanukah - Hillel vs Shammai
Talmud Shabbat 21b - the Hillel vs Shammai debate on lighting Chanukah candles
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