Centro de estudos da Bíblia Hebraica e Literatura Judaica Clássica - Com racionalismo e bom senso
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Alberto Bentzion308 ViewsMar 23 2020Coronavirus,Quarantine
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Rambam, sobre a Merkavá
Alberto Bentzion554 ViewsFeb 14 2020
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Lidar com a ansiedade. Lidando com Praga. Sabedoria de fontes judaicas
For use during coronavirus pandemic that addresses both public health issues and how to cope with anxiety
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Talmud Bavli, Berahot 19 - A Dignidade Humana
Originally published February 28, 2012 at
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A discussion for Rabbis about their responsibilites Originally published January 31, 2011 at
Alberto Bentzion300 ViewsMar 25 2020Governance & Leadership
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Mestres da Agadá - Introdução
A study of Aggadah inspired and informed by Heschel's work 'Torah MinHashamayim' which reveals a comprehensive world outlook linking the opinions and interpretations into two main paradigms of thought. The aim of this series is to share this depth and richness of thought of these original masters of Aggadah via the spoken word. In doing so one can expand one's knowledge, deepen one's understanding and transform one's existential insight.
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