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פרשת וזאת הברכה It will never be the same
We finish the Torah with the lowest point in the Torah... WHY? When we make mistakes what do we do?
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פרשת וילך - Was Moshe Human?
If Moshe was human how did he know he was going to die? Is death scary? Why?
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פרשת נצבים - Spiritual Circumcision
If someone dies after they did teshuva how much reward will they get? what is the spiritual foreskin?
אלי קאמפף695 ViewsFebruary 23, 2022Spirituality,Circumcision,Teshuvah
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פרשת כי תבא- Red Meat vs Poultry
Meat, white vs red meat, Yom Tov we eat meat, can we eat chicken? Why does red meat cause happiness?
אלי קאמפף778 ViewsFebruary 22, 2022Poultry,Bikkurim,Chicken,Meat,Yom Tov
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פרשת כי תצא - Lomidsh ( critical analysis ) Emotions
When someone finds a lost object he needs to ask for proof... why the Halacha system takes emotions in to account when we rule
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פרשת שופטים- Killing the Innocent
False witness against somebody causes death, who pays the price of the dead body?
אלי קאמפף620 ViewsFebruary 22, 2022Hashem,Falsehood,Witnesses
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פרשת ראה- too much of a good thing?
Obviously doing Mitzvos are good, but in the world, there is boundaries. where do we make limits? are they good?
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פרשת עקב - Mitzvos and Woman
Why are women treated as second class citizens? Or are they not?
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פרשת דברים - Middos From Torah
Is Torah a scam? We are promised wealth and happiness, why don't we see it?
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פרשת מסעי The Mitzvah of Living in Israel
Living in Israel is a chiyuv or mitzvah?
אלי קאמפף757 ViewsFebruary 14, 2022Mitzvot,Torah,Moshe,Living,Israel
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פרשת מטות - Fortune Tellers
Arguing with Hashem, who can and who can't
אלי קאמפף609 ViewsFebruary 13, 2022War,Moshe,Midyon,Hashem,Mattos
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פרשת בלק- Abuse of Power
Leaders abuse power publicly, Are we also liable for abuse of power? Difference between bilom and balak.
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פרשת קרח - Internal fighting
When Rabbis have a fight should we mix in?
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פרשת שלך- Praying to the dead?
Is praying at a grave prayer to the dead or prayer to god? Is it allowed
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