Moishe House provides vibrant Jewish community for young adults by supporting leaders in their 20s as they create meaningful home-based Jewish experiences for themselves and their peers.We envision Moishe House as the global leader of pluralistic Jewish life for adults in their 20s. We facilitate a wide range of experiences, so that they have the leadership, knowledge and community to enrich their Jewish journeys. In this Sefaria group, you will find great Jewish content by Moishe House people, for Moishe House people and beyond!
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"Taking" Challah as an Act of Giving
Challah is for the taking, but by taking, we really mean giving. Challah is a gift.
Loren Berman17 ViewsNov 17 2021Challah,Bread,Giving
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Hanoucca - Start With Why
Not PublishedFaustine Sigal18 ViewsNov 17 2021
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What does it mean to be a Yehudi?
What's in a name? What names do you know of for the collective Jewish people, and what do they suggest about the Jewish people's mission and character? What can the original Hebrew word for Jews, Yehudim, teach us about the values Jews are meant to hold dear?
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A Mussar Approach to Mindfulness (and the solution to today's polarization): Hitlamdut (התלמדות)
An introduction to and workshop in Hitlamdut, a Mussar idea that we should always strive to be learning from everyone and everything on this earth.
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Do All Lives Matter?
Do All Lives Matter, or just Jewish Lives? What demands does having privilege make on us as we relate to others? In this class, we will mine through biblical and rabbinic texts that deal with the tension between loyalty to fellow Jews and commitment to the well-being of those outside of our religious communities. Though the class will not be political in nature, participants are encouraged to consider how the sources we learn may be relevant in light of current events.
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Moishe Moment Lech Lecha: Was Abraham an "A" student or a "C" student?
This short reflection on Torah suggests that we learn from Abraham that there is value in being "C" students, too.
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Dissent in Rabbinic Sources
This is a collection of texts that highlight the Jewish tradition (and imperative) if dissent. Originally compiled as a resource for a Moishe House program.
Loren Berman189 ViewsJul 2 2021Dissent,Machloket,Disagreement
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Texts and Guided Meditations on: Self-Compassion, Self-Care, and Tikkun Olam
Sources and guided meditations for self-love, self-compassion, as a vehicle for Tikkun Olam
Loren Berman2004 ViewsJun 26 2019Self-Care,Love,Self-Compassion
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'With an outstretched Arm' - Should a synagogue have armed guards?
Looking at Tanach and Halacha to understand conceptual approaches to weapons and modern implications
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