A collection of source sheets explaining prayers, often with YouTube videos of different musical versions.
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Mi She’ana: Finding Our Answers
Not PublishedDavid Schwartz28 ViewsJune 27, 2024
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Haftarah Machar Chodesh: A 3-Act Story
A set of questions to think more deeply about Haftarah Machar Chodesh, plus a Readers’ Theatre version.
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Personally Connecting to Birkat HaMazon
A sheet giving background and posing questions to help connect with the basic parts of Birkat HaMazon, plus musical versions!
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Al Hanisim
A sheet about the Chanukah prayer “Al Hanisim”, along with 5 explanations for why we celebrate for 8 days and light lights. Musical samples are included.
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Personally Connecting to Yigdal
An examination of Yigdal with background, discussion questions, and musical examples, plus basic Biblical and Rabbinic sources for Jewish philosophy
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Hashiveinu: From Tisha B’Av to Torah Service
A basic overview of Tisha B'Av, with a focus on the Hashiveinu line at the end of Eicha. It also includes musical examples of Hashiveinu and Etz Chayim.
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Personally Connecting to the M’ein Sheva
This is a sheet about the mini-repetition of the Shabbat evening Amidah, complete with questions to find personal connection as well as musical examples.
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Guide to Friday Evening Services (1 page)
This is a sheet that can be printed to help visitors feel welcome in synagogue on Friday evenings. It can be copied and modified to fit other synagogue's needs.
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Personally Connecting to Havdalah
A sheet with questions to personally connect to Havdalah - also musical versions and the sources for each verse before the blessings.
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Safam Lyrics
Lyrics of Safam songs pulled from their website
David Schwartz1383 ViewsOctober 5, 2023Safam
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Exploring Kol Nidrei
A look at Kol Nidrei, including why the Ashkenazic and Sephardic versions are different.
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Personally Connecting to Hallel
A look at Hallel with reflection questions and musical versions
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