The Embodied Jewish Wisdom Network, founded by Embodied Jewish Learning, provides connection, support, and resources for practitioners and guides of Embodied Jewish Wisdom worldwide. We inspire our teaching with new ideas, strengthen our offerings with Jewish Wisdom, share and receive resources, and deepen our connection with the global teaching community via monthly advanced learning and community practices, as well as a private online resource sharing social network platform. Embodied Jewish Learning elevates the wisdom of the body in Jewish life. We offer all people the chance to experience Jewish wisdom through movement practices that nourish their minds, bodies, hearts and souls and empower them to fully embody and express their unique role in creating positive change for our world. Embodied Jewish Learning offers teacher trainings, classes, workshops, retreats and on-line learning to provide an alternative point of connection to Jewish life.  With a bold, holistic approach, we train movement, dance and yoga instructors in best practices for integrating Jewish wisdom into their classes, and we offer spiritual seekers, yogis and dancers a way to access Jewish wisdom that is meaningful and relevant to their everyday lives.
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Embodied Pardes Worksheet B'reishit/Genesis 1:1-19
This worksheet was created for a workshop offered at Gather and Grow, a retreat for practitioners and guides of Embodied Jewish Wisdom in 2019. The methodology presented is designed and created by Julie Emden - see more on the Embodied Pardes method at
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Divinity in the Body - The Breath of Life
In our Divinity in the Body Series, we share a few foundational texts and prompts for embodied practice as a basis for exploring the connection between body and spirit. This first text, Breath of Life, is a key starting point for showing this connection in Torah. Contact: [email protected]
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The Three Mother Letters
Amanda Nube3075 ViewsSeptember 15, 2020
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Rosh Chodesh Kislev
Not PublishedAmanda Nube631 ViewsNovember 15, 2020
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Texts on Shevarim /Broken-ness
These texts are the foundation for an Iyengar-based Yoga practice infused with teachings on separateness, segmentation, and broken-ness. We practiced with a focus upon the separation of various part of the body as necessary for us to move freely. Specific focus upon the movement of the shoulder blades (scapulae) in various postures. The basic premise of this practice is that separateness is necessary, 'breaking' or segmentation and distinction are necessary in the creation of the physical world.
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Mikvah Ritual
Mayim Chaim, Living waters, the immersion in water is a powerful connector between spirituality and physicality, between one state and another, between liminal and transformative, between T'shuva and Bereishit
Not PublishedAmanda Nube611 ViewsAugust 13, 2020Embodied Prayer,Mayim Chaim,Shabbat,Water,Elul,Mikvah
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Texts on Etzem/Essence for Elul 2020
This sheet is a source text for a one-hour Yoga practice infused with the quality of Etzem/Essence in preparation for the High Holidays.
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EJW Deuteronomy Sheet
how long at the mountain? how do you decide when to move on?
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Tu b'Av
Not PublishedAmanda Nube624 ViewsAugust 2, 2020
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Embodied Pardes Method
Embodied Pardes is a particular method of Torah study via a kinesthetic lens, created by Julie Emden, Founding Director of Embodied Jewish Learning. This sheet explains the method and provides an example of this approach with a line from the story of Jacob's ladder, Genesis 28:12. Contact: [email protected]
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Abraham's Journey and Ours: A Jewish Yoga Exploration
the highs and lows of Avraham's emotional and spiritual journey - study and yoga intertwined by section.
Not PublishedR' Laurie Matzkin571 ViewsOctober 28, 2018Lech l'Cha,Abraham,Yoga
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The Straight and the Crooked: The Yoga of Jacob's Name
Not PublishedR' Laurie Matzkin578 ViewsDecember 13, 2018
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Embodying Vashti and Esther: Text Study for Purim Yoga
esther and vashti are imagined differently, but the male rabbinic imagination enjoys imaging their bodies! (this version without megillah quotes or Hebrew)
Not PublishedR' Laurie Matzkin770 ViewsMarch 1, 2019Vashti,Purim,Esther
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An Introduction to Jewish Wisdom and the Body
This sheet is an introduction to an embodied approach to Torah and text study developed by Julie Emden, Founding Director of Embodied Jewish Learning in Berkeley, California. The sheet provides a bit of context for how an embodied lens for Torah study can open gateways to Jewish wisdom for dancers, movers, yoginis, and other movement practitioners for whom spirituality and spiritual practice is based in embodied practice. Contact: [email protected]
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