JEWISH WOMEN, AND OUR COMMUNITIES AS A WHOLE, NEED GREATER UNDERSTANDING OF HALACHOT PERTAINING TO WOMEN. Halacha is a guide for living, rich in nuance and alive to its adherents. It is responsive to religious intuitions and spiritual aspirations. It is much more than a black or white bottom line. Deracheha presents Halacha accurately and respectfully, in a woman’s voice. We explore a range of halachic opinion, leaving room for each reader to find her (or his) place within Halacha.
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Chanuka II: Other Observances חנוכה (ב): מצוות ומנהגים
Aside from lighting candles, what other observances of Chanuka are pertain specially to women? Are women obligated to recite Hallel on Chanuka?
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Status II: Halachic Status מעמד האישה (ב): מעמד הלכתי
In what cases are men's and women's halachic obligations the sae, and in what cases are they different?
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Dress I: The Basics לבוש (א): הבסיס
What is the purpose of clothing? How does this relate to tzeniut? What does Halacha say about dress?
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Status I: Overall Status מעמד האישה (א): מעמד כללי
Are men and women equal? Was gender hierarchy built into Creation?
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Three Mitzvot I: The Group חלה נדה והדלקת הנר: הקבוצה
Why do the mitzvot of Challa, candle-lighting, and nidda form a group that is associated with women?
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Three Mitzvot II: The Mitzvot חלה נדה והדלקת הנר: המצוות
What is the significance of the mitzvot of challa, candle-lighting and nidda? What does this mean about these mitzvot as a group, and why women are uniquely obligated in them?
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Head-Covering II: Rationale and Meaning כיסוי ראש (ב): הסברים ומשמעויות
What explanations for the mitzva of head-covering emerge from the sources? What other meanings might a woman find in the mitzva?
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Af Hen: Inclusion in the Miracle אף הן היו באותו הנס
What is the principle of af hen hayu be-oto ha-nes? When and how does it obligate women in mitzvot? Check out this sheet for a greater understanding of the sources related to women and the miracles that "they, too, were part of."
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Exemption from Minor Fasts פטור מצומות (ב): צומות החורבן ותענית אסתר
Must all Jewish women fast on the minor fast days? What if a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding? Postpartum or after pregnancy loss? Check out this sheet for a greater understanding of the sources related to exemptions from minor fasts.
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Exemption from Major Fasts פטור מצומות (א): יום כיפור וט' באב
Must all women fast on Yom Kippur and Tish’a Be-Av? What if a woman is pregnant, postpartum, or nursing? How do the laws of the two fast days differ?
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