JEWISH WOMEN, AND OUR COMMUNITIES AS A WHOLE, NEED GREATER UNDERSTANDING OF HALACHOT PERTAINING TO WOMEN. Halacha is a guide for living, rich in nuance and alive to its adherents. It is responsive to religious intuitions and spiritual aspirations. It is much more than a black or white bottom line. Deracheha presents Halacha accurately and respectfully, in a woman’s voice. We explore a range of halachic opinion, leaving room for each reader to find her (or his) place within Halacha.
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Keli Gever
What is a man’s article, keli gever? What is the prohibition of a woman’s wearing one? How does intent affect this halacha?
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Erev Yom Kippur
What are the the mitzvot and customs of Erev Yom Kippur? Why are they significant? How do they apply to women?
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Megilla Reading
What is the nature of women’s obligation in megilla? Who constitutes a quorum for a reading? May a woman read for herself or others?
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Voluntary Mitzva Performance
Is performing a mitzva voluntarily permissible? How is it meaningful?
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Exemption from Major Fasts
Must all women fast on Yom Kippur and Tish’a Be-Av? What if a woman is pregnant, postpartum, or nursing? How do the laws of the two fast days differ?
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Keri'at Ha-Torah III: Kevod Ha-tzibbur
What is kevod ha-tzibbur? How does this apply to the prospect of women reading from the Torah? Can it be waived or pushed aside?
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Keriat Ha-Torah II: The Aliya
What purpose do the berachot over keri’at ha-Torah serve, how are they structured, and who can say them? What is the role of the modern ba’al korei? What is the halachic standing of all-women’s readings?
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Fast Days
When do we fast and why? What is the level of obligation on each fast day? Who is obligated?
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Keri'at Ha-Torah I: The Reading
How did keri’at ha-Torah develop? What is the nature of the obligation? Are women obligated to hear it? What would be the implications for the possibility of women reading the Torah?
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Exemption from Minor Fasts
Must all Jewish women fast on the minor fast days? What if a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding? Postpartum or after pregnancy loss? Check out this sheet for a greater understanding of the sources related to exemptions from minor fasts.
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Zimmun: Part I
What is the mitzva of zimmun? Who is obligated in it? Under what circumstances do women recite it?
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Af Hen: Inclusion in the Miracle
What is the principle of af hen hayu be-oto ha-nes? When and how does it obligate women in mitzvot? Check out this sheet for a greater understanding of the sources related to women and the miracles that "they, too, were part of."
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Tefilla Be-tzibbur
What is the nature of communal prayer? What is the role of Shaliach Tzibbur, and who can fill it? What is the significance of women’s participation?
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What is Hallel? When is it recited and why? When do women have an obligation to recite Hallel?
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Shofar in E lul
Throughout the Hebrew month of Elul, at which times and for what reason do we have the custom to sound the Shofar? Are women included in this custom?
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