Video Summaries and Sourcesheets for weekly shiurim by Rabbi Josh Weiner
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Becoming a Creator - Rosh Hashana 5782
Not PublishedJosh W31 ViewsSep 4 2021
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What Came Before - Elul 5781
Not PublishedJosh W53 ViewsAug 24 2021
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The Beasts of Elul
Looking at the month of Elul as part of the wider framework of "days of judgement". Our model is a surprising detail in religious taxation, the "tithing of beasts".
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Don't kill the shaliach !
Looking at the limitations of the category of shaliach
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Minimal Prayer-Life
looking at the minimum level to be a thinking or praying human being
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Lack of Kavvanah
looking at the minimum level to be a thinking or praying human being
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Robots Resting
Jews need to rest on Shabbat, as do their animals and slaves, and even their objects according to some. Where do we place a robot? Where is the divide between object and animal?
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Thinking about washing
Using the example of a monkey, we examine the role of kavanah in washing hands, thinking about what makes one human.
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Sacred Spaces #4 : The Bedroom
exploring the potentials of the bedroom in sources
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Thank God for distractions!
Baal Shem Tov's teachings on prayer and elevating distracting thoughts
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Sacred Spaces #3 - The Kitchen Table
Turning tensions around the dinner table into potential avenues towards divine worship
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Sacred Spaces #2: The Toilet
Exploring the tensions around the toilet space, and how they manifest in religious ritual and prayer
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Sacred Spaces #1: The Doorway
Touching the tension at the doorway: sin, mezuzah, ritual, lights, guests, danger
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Justice and Exodus
Relation of Exodus story to fairness
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Just Like That
Experiencing Nissan-consciousness through blessings
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Re-enchantment of the Megillah
Re-encountering the magic of the encounter between Mordochai and Esther
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