Video Summaries and Sourcesheets for weekly shiurim by Rabbi Josh Weiner
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Sacred Spaces #3 - The Kitchen Table
Turning tensions around the dinner table into potential avenues towards divine worship
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New faces, New meanings
A medley of ideas on Purim, marriage, faces, interpretation and heresy
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Ani as a divine Name
Not PublishedJosh Weiner6 ViewsOctober 14, 2022
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Red and White
Not PublishedJosh Weiner83 ViewsAugust 26, 2022
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thieves & prayer
Not PublishedJosh Weiner8 ViewsJune 22, 2022
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How to eat bread again
when and why we eat chametz after pesach
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Sacred Spaces #1: The Doorway
Touching the tension at the doorway: sin, mezuzah, ritual, lights, guests, danger
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What did cherubs look like, and why?
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When does justice begin?
Where were the civil laws first commanded? At Sinai, or before, or way before?
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Grafting: Is the world perfect as it is?
What exactly is going on with the prohibition on grafting trees?
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Blessed be Free Healthcare
Exploring a possible appropriate blessing for Covid vaccinations
Josh Weiner414 ViewsDecember 12, 2021Healing,Covid,Vaccination,Medicine
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I and God am Beautiful
Explorations around the idea of hiddur mitzvah, imitation of God, and channukah
Josh Weiner422 ViewsNovember 17, 2021Imitatio Dei,Hiddur Mitzvah,Channukah
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Is 5782 really Shemita? Definitely Maybe!
Looking at the confusion around the calculation of the Shemita year
Josh Weiner420 ViewsOctober 13, 2021Shemitah,Shemitat Kesafim,Jubilee
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People and Walls
Not PublishedJosh Weiner376 ViewsSeptember 19, 2021Humanity,Mechitza,Sukkah
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Becoming a Creator - Rosh Hashana 5782
Not PublishedJosh Weiner308 ViewsSeptember 4, 2021
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