A 13-session course on why and how midrash happens, with the basic point that Judaism is not the religion of the Torah, but the religion of the Torah as interpreted and renewed by the rabbis. Realistically it took us 18 sessions, due to discussion and the type of material. The course covers midrash in three forms: aggadic, halachic and (a little of) "running midrash", which is the retelling of the Torah story with midrash woven in the text.
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Power of Midrash ~ First class ~ Basic Introduction
Looking at some of the occurrences of the root D.R.SH. in Tanakh as a means of introduction to a course on midrash.
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Power of Midrash ~ Intro Class 2: The Creation story is not for kids
Midrashim regarding being human, being make and female
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Power of Midrash ~ Midreshei Halachah III ~ Two rebels among us
Midrash on the rebellious son and the rebellious elder. Rabbis as mitigating Torah's simple reading on the first case, and maintaining the power of the majority on the second, but creating limits to power as well.
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Power of Midrash ~ Midreshei Halacha II ~ An eye for an eye
The rabbinic take on "an eye for an eye" is actually that the whole world goes blind. So they begin by the assumption that the text cannot be saying what it appears to say. Midrash as the first try out of halachah.
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Power of Midrash ~ Midreshei Halachah I ~ The first month
Midrashim as the first way to find halachah. Searching in the text brings repercussions for the calendar.
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Power of Midrash ~Aggadic Midrashim IV ~ Avram and Sarai, beginnings
Aggadic midrashim on who Avraham was and who Sarah was.
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Power of Midrash ~ Aggadic Midrashim V ~ the expulsion of Ishmael and the Akeidah
Midrashim on the Akeidah, the expulsion of Ishmael ad the character of Hagar
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Power of Midrash ~ Intro Class 1: Creation in a different timetable
midrashim on 'hine tov meod' challenge our understanding of bereshit
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Power of Midrash ~ Aggadic Midrashim IIIb ~ Noach's end
MIdrashim about Noach's experience in the ark and its aftermath. For mature audiences only.
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Power of Midrash~ Aggadic Midrashim IIIa ~ Noach
Aggadic midrashim on Noach's character
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Power of Midrash ~Aggadic Midrashim II ~ Kayin, Hevel and populating the world
What happened between Kayin and Hevel? How did the world get populated?
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