This collection features Chanukah sheets created by Sefaria's Learning Team and learners like you! From the basics of how to light a menorah and what we celebrate on Chanukah, to unsung heroes of the holiday and lesser known customs, the sheets in this collection should keep you busy learning for at least eight nights.
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Al Hanisim
A sheet about the Chanukah prayer “Al Hanisim”, along with 5 explanations for why we celebrate for 8 days and light lights. Musical samples are included.
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Celebrating Chanukah: The Hidden Light, Revealed based on the writing of Rabbi Ami Silver
Kabbalistic and Chassidic writings identify Chanukah as a time in which this Hidden Light takes center stage. We are given special access to the Hidden Light. Rav Tzvi Elimelech Spiro ("Bnei Yissaschar") makes the connection between the Hidden Light and the Chanukah menorah.
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The Light of Unity: A Chanukah Meditation Based on the writing of Rabbi Ami Silver
In a fractured and polarized world, many of us find ourselves seeking hope and unity within the brokenness. The Zohar - the core medieval text in the mystical thought of Kabbalah - offers a meditation on the light of a candle as a vision of Divine unity.
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What is Chanukah?
A look at Chanukah through texts, songs, and art.
Sefaria Education1090 ViewsNov 5 2020Chanukah,War,Light,Dark
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Seeing the Light: A Chanukah Scavenger Hunt
Light is a major theme of Chanukah. In this scavenger hunt, you will travel through the Sefaria library in search of light. Where is it mentioned? In what context is it mentioned? How does it relate to Chanukah?
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Introducing Your Chanukiya
Big Idea: Lighting the Chanukiya is one of the major mitzvot of Chanukah which is discussed in detail in the Talmud Shabbat and Mishneh Torah: Scroll of Esther and Chanukah. Studying these two texts teaches the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the mitzvah. Learning objectives: Students will be able to research the details of the mitzvah of lighting the Chanukiya on Chanukah. Students will be able to teach others about the mitzvah of lighting the Chanukiya. Students will be able to navigate Sefaria to find texts related to their subject.
Sefaria Education961 ViewsOct 29 2020Chanukah,Chanukkah Menorah
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Going Up? A Chanukah Lesson
This Chanukah lesson, intended for middle school students, can be adapted for a variety of ages and abilities. The lesson can also be used in the context of learning about מחלוקת לשם שמים - arguments for the sake of heaven. Essential Questions: - What lessons can we learn from the approaches of Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai? - How does the Talmud handle disagreement between two major schools of thought? Learning Outcomes: -Learners will explain the approaches of Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai to lighting Chanukah lights. - Learners will be able to point to features of a healthy disagreement in the Talmud text. - Learners will teach others how to light Chanukah lights.
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Light Up The Night: A Chanukah Conversation Starter
What is the message conveyed by the light of the Chanukah candles? This sheet raises many interesting questions for deep conversation.
Sefaria Education600 ViewsDec 9 2019
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Placing (and Being Placed by) the Channukiah - Berlin 5781
Some Channukah thoughts and images, originally given as inspiration material to wonderful artists engaged in creating public Channukiot in Berlin.
Josh Weiner491 ViewsNov 30 2020Others,Channukah,Community
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Chanukah Candle Lighting in 5 Easy Steps
A look at Chanukah candle lighting through texts and interpretation
Sefaria Education765 ViewsNov 9 2020Candle Lighting,Chanuka
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Light One Candle...Or More!
The source sheet presents 4 types of candles that are used in Jewish ceremonies; Shabbat, Havdalah, Yahrzeit, Chanuka. There are sources, pictures, videos, and guiding questions for each. The source sheet can be used in a variety of learning settings, including family education, Chanukah workshop, supplementary school or day school.
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Chanukah Candle Lighting in the IDF
​​Students read, in the original Hebrew or an English translation, an article from Ma’ariv concerning accommodations made for IDF soldiers during Chanukah. They then study foundational Jewish texts in order to discover the underlying principles.
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Chanukah Leadership Rambam and Jewish Pride
Group learning for session for Chanukah
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Chanukah: Lighting vs Showing
A sugya debating whether the mitzvah is to show the Hanukkah lights or to kindle the Hanukkah lights
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Why Does a Chanukiya Look Like That?
Activity teaching the halachot surrounding the chanukya. Students look at various chanukiyot found in the National Library of Israel and study halachic texts pertaining to chanukiyot and see how the chanukiyot follow the halacha. Students create their own chanukiyot and upload the pictures to the sheet.
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How-To Hanukkah
A beginner's guide to Hanukkah for R'Emily Cohen's "How-To Hanukkah" Class Dec 2020
Emily Cohen652 ViewsDec 2 2020Hanukkah
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Shabbat Chanukah ~ Unity in Dark Times
Connecting the hope of the tarmudai in Chanukah with Yosef in Miketz, and with hope in dark times, whether personal, individual or collective.
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The Chanukiyah in the Window: Why is it Important to Publicize Chanukah?
Pirsumei Nisa, publicizing the miracle, is the basis for Chanukiyot/Chanukah Menorahs being put in windows, front lawns and public spaces. But why is it important?
Andrea Olkin933 ViewsDec 14 2019Chanukah,Miracles,Light
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Progression of Halakhah Using Chanukah
Using the question of how many candles one should light each night of Chanukah, this sheet follows the progression from Torah to Shulchan Arukh.
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