Sefaria's Learning Department is excited to provide you with Torah to bring with you as you relax and recharge wherever you may find yourself. This collection features some of our favorite sheets for you to learn and read through this summer on topics ranging from rest and relaxation to travel and transitions. Don't forget to share some of the Torah you learn and love with others, too. Happy Summer!
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A Close Call: Is it Permissible to Discuss the Election on Shabbat?
A discussion of the halachic permissibility of talking politics on shabbat
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Tefillat HaDerech
Jeremy Borovitz2414 ViewsApril 17, 2018
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On Being Alone
This was written by Rabbi David Kasher of IKAR-LA for Rosh Hashanah 2020/5781.
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Judaism and Self-Care
What are some ways we can address self care as Jews?
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​ שבת Shabbat - Day of Rest Make Time for Rest and Renewal
This source sheet offers Jewish wisdom for what it means to take a step back and rest. How do you bring this sensibility into your life?
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Work Life Balance
Jewish perspectives on work-life balance, and Jewish wisdom to help us better balance our lives
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