On Tisha B'Av and in the weeks preceding this day, we mourn all that we have lost. Our hearts break open, and in the days that follow, we are called to rebuild through love as we celebrate Tu B'Av. These sheets were created for Jewish Studio Process mindful art sessions with Rabbi Margie Jacobs- you are invited to write, paint, or otherwise reflect on what arises as you study the sources and reflect on the questions in this collection.
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Tu B'Av: Love and Justice
What is love? How is related to the work of tikkun (repair) that is needed in our times and that is the work of this season, less than a week after Tisha B'Av. It is said that the Temple was destroyed because of senseless hatred. Less than a week after Tisha B'Av, we turn our attention to the healing power of love.
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Kamtza and Bar Kamtza
Rabbi Margie Jacobs851 ViewsJuly 7, 2021
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