Rav Abraham Isaac Kook, Shemoneh Kevatsim (written 1916-1919), 8:206
Disintegration of the conventional concepts of holiness and faith, as they were conventionally understood in the past, bring about renewal,..
This is by way of two characteristics in the nature of change that come about through nullification, which is like the decay that comes before the growth from the seed, for a new fertilization that yields abundantly.
The first characteristic is that the decay frees the life-force that was hidden, buried inside the seed, and then this force is freed, and gives life to glorious blooming.
The second is the disintegration of the previous external form, creating space for the innovation of a new, more perfect, form, that does not suffer from the flaws of the previous form. Then the influence of the loftier aspects alone will remain, as they are the inheritance of generations.
  • What does this text say about the nature of change?
  • What in this text does/ doesn’t resonate with your experience?
  • What is disintegrating for you in these times? What is your response to this disintegration? Is there anything new that has arisen?
Erasure Art:
Take the text above and cross out, cut out or otherwise remove words to create something new. Read your new creation aloud.