The Rabbinical Assembly is the international association of Conservative/Masorti rabbis. We aim to kindle the passion of the Jewish People in the service of God, Torah and Klal Yisrael, to strengthen the Conservative/Masorti movement, and to support the Conservative/Masorti rabbi. Our nearly 1,700 members serve as congregational rabbis, educators, military and hospital chaplains, professors, and officers of communal service organizations throughout the world.
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Tea and Talmud Pesachim ch 10
For a Talmud class at shul...
Adam Stein80 ViewsMay 20 2021Pesachim
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Kamtza & Bar Kamtza and Zekhariah ben Avkolas: The Development of a Narrative of Destruction
Originally written by Rabbi Yosef Goldman for "Aggadah as History" with Professor Richard Kalmin, Fall 2011.
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#TanakhYomi Day 8 - July 8
daily tanakh reading according to a schedule I created.
Adam Stein32 ViewsJul 8 2021
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Tanakh Yomi 5782 Day 7
#tanakhyomi learning for the schedule i devised - July 7, 2021.
Adam Stein48 ViewsJul 7 2021
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Why Sukkot is Called Z'man Simchateinu
Sukkot is uniquely associated with rejoicing. And yet in the aftermath of the High Holy Days it is all too often forgotten. What role should joy play in our lives not only on this festival but throughout the year? Why is sukkot singled out as Z'man Simchateinu?
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Sotah: Trial by ordeal
The ordeal of the Sotah, what was going on?
Rabbi Miriam Spitzer38 ViewsMay 21 2021Sotah,Naso,Marriage
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Rituals of Reopening ​​​​​​​
After more than a year of distancing and pandemic, we are returning to gathering again in person. Explore how Torah guides us in experiencing and marking this emotional moment.
Chai Levy505 ViewsMay 12 2021Pandemic,Birkat Hagomel,Reopening
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A Tour of Genesis verses 12 (approximately)
Verse 12 (approximately) of each chapter of Genesis, along with Rashi's commentary.
Rabbi David Krishef56 ViewsMay 6 2021
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Embracing Imperfection
Chai Levy133 ViewsMay 6 2020
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Our Hands and the Hands of God
Chai Levy97 ViewsApr 11 2020
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Psalm 23 with Translated Commentaries
Psalm 23 with selected commentaries in English
Rabbi Steven Schwarzman134 ViewsJan 26 2021
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