The Rabbinical Assembly is the international association of Conservative/Masorti rabbis. We aim to kindle the passion of the Jewish People in the service of God, Torah and Klal Yisrael, to strengthen the Conservative/Masorti movement, and to support the Conservative/Masorti rabbi. Our nearly 1,700 members serve as congregational rabbis, educators, military and hospital chaplains, professors, and officers of communal service organizations throughout the world.
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Life and Death: The Power of Speech
Rabbinic and Torah sources on the power of speech
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Tea and Talmud Pesachim ch 10
This is a long source sheet for a Talmud class I teach at our shul. We've been studying Pesachim chapter 10 and I started using Sefaria for this class during the pandemic and at that point we were on page 108a.
Adam Stein2054 ViewsMay 20, 2021Adult Ed,Pesachim
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Moses, Abraham, Balaam and Me
Exploring Balaam's place in biblical and rabbinic literature.
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Gun Control v/s Gun Rights
A source sheet combining both pro-weapon sources and anti-weapon sources.
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Inspiring Rain: Behukotai 5782
In order to make rains fall, we must act together--sometimes by showing our pain to connect to others feeling the same pain.
Rabbi Jenni Greenspan52 ViewsMay 25, 2022Vulnerability,Leadership
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Idolatry, Peer Pressure and Jewish dignity
Discussion about the meaning of the final two verses in Behar
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Purim in the Talmud
A bunch of Talmud texts about Purim
Adam Stein85 ViewsMarch 17, 2022Talmud,Purim
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The Secrets of Purim
Chai Levy227 ViewsFebruary 16, 2018Purim
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What is justice?
Rabbi Meir Goldstein110 ViewsJanuary 26, 2022Justice
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Drought: Responsibility and Teshuva
Chai Levy170 ViewsDecember 29, 2021
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Genesis 5:1
Midrash on Genesis 5:1
Rabbi David Krishef201 ViewsSeptember 30, 2021
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10 Minute Torah - Bereshet
Bereshit, 10 minute discussion
Rabbi Zari Sussman263 ViewsSeptember 29, 2021
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Sukkot 2021 - Ushpizin
Last year many of us we're only able to have virtual guests in our Sukkot. This year I hope we're blessed with both "live" guests as well as virtual guests. This Sheet is meant to challenge you to think about who you "need" to visit you in your Sukkah.
Marvin Goodman575 ViewsJune 22, 2021Sukkah Guests,Ushpizin,Sukkot
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Kamtza & Bar Kamtza and Zekhariah ben Avkolas: The Development of a Narrative of Destruction
Originally written by Rabbi Yosef Goldman for "Aggadah as History" with Professor Richard Kalmin, Fall 2011.
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#TanakhYomi Day 8 - July 8
daily tanakh reading according to a schedule I created.
Adam Stein234 ViewsJuly 8, 2021
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