The Rabbinical Assembly is the international association of Conservative/Masorti rabbis. We aim to kindle the passion of the Jewish People in the service of God, Torah and Klal Yisrael, to strengthen the Conservative/Masorti movement, and to support the Conservative/Masorti rabbi. Our nearly 1,700 members serve as congregational rabbis, educators, military and hospital chaplains, professors, and officers of communal service organizations throughout the world.
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Dybbuk: Are you my Demon?
A brief overview of some primary texts connected with dybbuks and souls.
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Tea and Talmud Pesachim ch 10
This is a long source sheet for a Talmud class I teach at our shul. We've been studying Pesachim chapter 10 and I started using Sefaria for this class during the pandemic and at that point we were on page 108a.
Adam Stein2427 ViewsMay 20, 2021Adult Ed,Pesachim
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Foundations of Jewish Belief: Maimonides 13 Principles of Faith
A brief overview of the foundations of Jewish faith as formulated by Rambam.
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Community and its Discontents: When and Why
Some essential readings on the importance, and a few challenges, of living in community.
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A New World: Jew Hatred in Gospel of Matthew and the Foundation of Rabbinic Judaism( JDST 212 #3)
Destruction of Jerusalem, death of Jesus, and the beginnings of rabbinical Judaism.
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Four Fold Song: All Life
Creating a Meaningful Life: 1 of 4 songs from Rav Kook
Rabbi Meir Goldstein70 ViewsJanuary 25, 2019Meaning,Humanity,Rav A.I. Kook
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Building Community
brief overview of essential community texts and obligations
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The Mitzvah of Taharat HaMeyt Preparing the dead for burial
Here are some of the sources that are the basis for the work of the Hevra Kadisha, the Holy Society in charge of preparing the deceased for burial. This mitzvah is not easy to perform but deeply meaningful.
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Jewish Leadership after Arab Conquest
a brief selection of primary sources from the Geonic period after the Arab Conquest
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Sephardi Mystics and Halachists
examples of Tsfat kabbalah and halacha, with some orientation toward their connections.
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Psalm 23 with Translated Commentaries
Psalm 23 with selected commentaries in English
Rabbi Steven Schwarzman1032 ViewsJanuary 26, 2021
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Jewish Poetry: Golden Age of Spain
A selection of Jewish Spanish poetry from the Golden Age of Spain.
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Life and Death: The Power of Speech
Rabbinic and Torah sources on the power of speech
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Souls Rooted in Torah
Root Souls is a key idea of the Meor Eynaiyim. A brief text introducing this idea, learned from his teacher the Maggid of Mezrich. Other 3rd generation rebbes cite this as an important teaching, however the Meor Eynaiyim makes it central to his Torah
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Moses, Abraham, Balaam and Me
Exploring Balaam's place in biblical and rabbinic literature.
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