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Does Torah support reparations to former slaves?
Evan Krame16 ViewsApril 9, 2024Slavery,Reparations
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Still Captive
Our hearts ache over the captives held. The issues of redeeming them are complex and fraught with dangers.
Evan Krame134 ViewsMarch 28, 2024Redemption of Captives,Captive
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Memory and Revenge
How does the Purim story inform our approach to wiping out our enemies when Israel is attacked?
Evan Krame95 ViewsFebruary 22, 2024Revenge,Amalek,Memory,Avenge
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Water for David: Moral Responsibility of Leaders in War
What are the limits on the power of a leader, especially in a time of war?
Evan Krame25 ViewsMarch 5, 2024King David,War,Destruction
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Jewish Use of Power
Are Jews constrained in power by Torah driven values?
Evan Krame43 ViewsFebruary 27, 2024Defense,Power,Strength,Abuse of Power
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Lashon Hara and Scandalous Behavior of Jewish Leaders
When a torah scholar or Jewish leader behaves in a scandalous way, may we discuss the matter in public?
Evan Krame203 ViewsJanuary 31, 2024Lashon Hara,Scandal,Rechilut,Gossip
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Agree to Disagree
Communities and families are at odds over the Israel-Gaza war. When debate leads to argument, must we refrain from engaging others?
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Shabbat Observance and Zalman's Challenge: the Fence, the Gate or the Open Field?
Shabbat observance may be viewed as bounded, an entryway, or an open space. How does Reb Zalman Schachter Shalomi's Integral Halachah approach preserve Shabbat practice, open gates to Shabbat, or individualize Shabbat with infinite opportunities?
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Samuel and Saul
Samuel's leadership ends with the appointment of a king, but the transfer of power meets with disaster.
Not PublishedEvan Krame13 ViewsNovember 10, 2023Samuel,Saul
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Waging War
What are the rules of war guiding Israel?
Evan Krame234 ViewsOctober 18, 2023War,Rules of War
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Our Commitment to Peace
Protestors yell "No justice, no peace!" But is it possible for peace and justice to coexist?
Evan Krame115 ViewsSeptember 29, 2023Conflict,Commitment,Peace,Justice
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Jonah: the Modern Prophet
Jonah was the most modern of prophets: conflicted, fearful, egocentric, and needing therapy. Meanwhile, Jonah's story reflects on our obligation to rescue our neighbors, even if they are hostile to us.
Evan Krame156 ViewsSeptember 23, 2023Jonah
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Fathoming God's Ways: Comparing Abraham and David
Compare the Akedat Yitzchak to the story of the plague that affects David's armies after David takes a census. Micah Goodman sees both as necessary to understanding the essence of Judaism
Not PublishedEvan Krame10 ViewsSeptember 7, 2023Abraham,Akeida,Sacrifice,David
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Perfectly Imperfect
When we make significant errors, we can succumb to despair or learn and emerge stronger. Do we judge ourselves worse than we are judged?
Evan Krame59 ViewsAugust 31, 2023Mistakes,Fallible,Errors,Imperfect
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Obeisance: What God Requires of You
Do we require motivation to be considered compliant, obeisance or holy? Can we be engaged Jewishly without having formed requisite love, belief, or intent?
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Will Our Children "Do" Torah?
How do we encourage future generations to uphold the mitzvot of Torah? Using circumcision as an example, what compels our children to obey this mitzvah or what keeps them from performing this essential ritual?
Evan Krame35 ViewsAugust 9, 2023Covenant,Passing Torah,Circumcision
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Welcoming the Sinner; The Case of Aaron Rubashkin and Chabad
How do we welcome a sinner into our community?
Evan Krame56 ViewsJune 5, 2023Sinner,Rubashkin
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Liberalism: Sources in the Tradition
Liberal values begin with an appreciation of the value of human life.
Evan Krame33 ViewsAugust 9, 2023Liberalism
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