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Leniency in the Law: Can I get a second opinion?
What are the guidelines for interpreting Torah and Jewish law for modern times? Are we originalists or can we interpret Torah in accordance with our times? Does an individual have the right to interpret Torah or is that reserved for authorities or majorities?
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Responsibility in a Time of Crisis (Ohalah 5782)
What is our responsibility to help others in our community and country?
Evan Krame119 ViewsDecember 15, 2021Justice,Protest,Responsibility,Rebuke
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mishpatim - all the strange stuff
Mishpatim (the laws) characterizes and labels this parsha but the verses are not mundane. We are given tantalizing looks at an ideal world and assuring guidance for a world in need of repair.
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Armed for Prayer
What steps should we take to promote safety in synagogues?
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Father and Mother and Child Reunion
Not PublishedEvan Krame69 ViewsJanuary 18, 2022
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Not PublishedEvan Krame66 ViewsJanuary 18, 2022
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The Power of Jealousy
Jealousy both motivates evil and yet is a necessary part of human and Godly nature
Evan Krame153 ViewsOctober 28, 2021Envy,Jealous,Jealousy
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Ishmael, Not That Bad
Ishmael, the wild-ass bowman, may have been far more decent than the rabbis described. He sets an example for us of how to behave with family at critical times.
Evan Krame135 ViewsOctober 20, 2021Burial,Abraham,Ishmael
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Source texts on the appropriateness of compromise. Are we to obey the letter of the law or take opportunities to expand mercy and justice?
Evan Krame85 ViewsOctober 12, 2021Compromise,Concession,Justice
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My body, my choice
Within Yoma we have the seeds of caring more for the neshama than the halakhah. The later Babylonian rabbis recognized that legal authority must in some cases be limited, its expansive and controlling nature contained, and the law limited to make room for a certain degree of individual autonomy.
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