A collection of source sheets about how to implement Judaism in our everyday life.
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What's a Mezuzah?
A basic overview of mezuzah, complete with songs, stories, and key texts
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How to Run Online Adult Education
A look at the pieces for how one community runs a successful online adult education program
David Schwartz57 ViewsJuly 7, 2024Online Learning,Adult Education
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The 5 Questions You are Asked in Heaven
Discussion questions about the questions you are asked in Heaven
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Personally Connecting to Birkat HaMazon
A sheet giving background and posing questions to help connect with the basic parts of Birkat HaMazon, plus musical versions!
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“When Messiah Comes” lyrics (cut from “Fiddler on the Roof”)
The lyrics to one of the songs cut from “Fiddler on the Roof”
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Guide to Friday Evening Services (1 page)
This is a sheet that can be printed to help visitors feel welcome in synagogue on Friday evenings. It can be copied and modified to fit other synagogue's needs.
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Is it Kosher to Wish Death on Your Enemies?
Not PublishedDavid Schwartz209 ViewsOctober 16, 2023
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Safam Lyrics
Lyrics of Safam songs pulled from their website
David Schwartz1439 ViewsOctober 5, 2023Safam
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A Burning Question: Are Cremations Kosher?
Not PublishedDavid Schwartz240 ViewsJune 29, 2023
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Taking Shabbat Dinner to the Next Level
Ways to go beyond just the basic 3 blessings to make Shabbat dinner more special
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Why Say "Hashem"?
An examination of the evolution and rules around using "Hashem" to refer to G-d.
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Is It a Mitzvah to Vote?
Examining the sources around voting in Jewish tradition, with context provided for each source.
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What’s the Buzz About Marijuana and Judaism?
Looking at cannabis in the Torah, medicinal marijuana, and recreational marijuana.
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