A collection of discussions of ten passages from the second of the literary prophets, Jeremiah
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Jeremiah 10 The Burnt Scroll (chapter 36)
Jeremiah dictates a scroll of prophecies to his amanuensis, the scribe Baruch son of Neriah. King Jehoiakim has the scroll burnt section by section as it is read to him. Jeremiah dictates his prophecies to Baruch a second time, with additional material.
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Jeremiah 9 At the Twilight of Judah (chs. 38-40)
We learn a lot about the prophet and how he was viewed by others in these passages about the end of the kingdom of Judah.
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Jeremiah 8 Against Babylon (ch. 51)
Jeremiah's prophecies against Babylonia in chapters 50 and 51--part of his oracles against the nations--are integral to his prophetic message. What do these prophecies teach us about Jeremiah and about prophecy in Israel in general?
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Jeremiah 6 Dueling Prophecies (ch. 28)
The prophet Jeremiah confronts a 'peace prophet' with a contradictory message. What happens when prophets collide? This class will also explore Jeremiah's discussion of Jewish life in exile.
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Jeremiah 5 Seventy Years (Ch. 25)
In Chapter 25 of Jeremiah, the prophet asserts that subjugation to Babylon will last for 70 years. In this class, we will look closely at the significance of the "70 years" in the book as a whole, in the contemporary context of the Ancient Near East, in Tanach, and for us.
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Jeremiah 4 Overpowered by Man & God (chapters 19-20)
After prophesying at "the Topheth" in the Valley of Hinnom, Jeremiah is imprisoned. He reacts to his imprisonment with a prophecy and a lament. He is beset both by man and God. The passage ends with a song of praise and thanksgiving. Among the themes in this passage: the prophet's opposition to child sacrifice.
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Jeremiah 2 - Tragic Ruin (chs. 8 and 9)
A chance to discuss and consider passages from one of the saddest passages in the Prophets, one chosen to be read as the Haftarah (prophetic reading) for the morning of the 9th of Av
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Jeremiah 1 - Intro - 1:4-19 Commission of a Prophet
Introduction to the book of Jeremiah. Commission of the prophet in 1:4-19
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