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Commemorating together, virtually
Resources for commemorating Yom HaShoah, Yom HaZikaron, and Yom HaAtzmaut
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Honey + Milk = Cheesecake!
Find what's new for Shavuot on Sefaria including a new translation of Ruth Rabbah, registration for a Ruth Rabbah learning journey and a webinar with Hadar.
Sefaria Education8 ViewsMay 17, 2022Shavuot,2022
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What's New for Lag BaOmer?
Lag BaOmer resources available on Sefaria and two resources for learning to use the new editor.
Sefaria Education14 ViewsMay 9, 2022Lag BaOmer,2022
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Here to Help with your Passover Prep
Passover educator newsletter 2022 - Haggadah illustrations, Seder leader webinar, Paths to Freedom series, search feature
Sefaria Education32 ViewsApril 5, 2022Passover,Pesach,2022
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Texts to Bring you Joy in Adar
Purim educator newsletter 2022 - Collections, Esther Rabbah, Emoji Megillah and App Grogger, and commentaries.
Sefaria Education72 ViewsMarch 14, 2022Purim
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Tu Bishvat is Coming!
Tu Bishvat resources for educators including Tu Bishvat on Sefaria, a collection of Tu Bishvat seders, and links to register for two Shemitah themed email journeys.
Sefaria Education108 ViewsJanuary 13, 2022Tu Bishvat,Shemitah
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Pre-Purim with Sefaria
Sefaria Education681 ViewsFebruary 4, 2021Purim
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Another Rosh Hashanah?
Sefaria Education397 ViewsDecember 6, 2020Tu B'Shvat
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New Community Learning Resources
Sefaria Education267 ViewsDecember 22, 2020
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One More Chanukah Surprise
Introducing the Jerusalem Talmud on Sefaria!
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Tu B’Shvat Resources
Sefaria Education309 ViewsDecember 10, 2020Tu B'Shvat
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