Here to Help with your Passover Prep
Who knows three? The Sefaria learning department knows three! We are featuring three special Passover materials and events to help you engage with your students in new ways this year. And just like the creative counting of the number of plagues that occurred in Egypt (was it 10, or 50, or more?), you might even find more.
  • Haggadah illustrations have arrived at Sefaria! Illuminated manuscripts depicting the four children can be found by clicking "Manuscripts" next to the Haggadah text. The Four Children in Illustration introduces you to some of these amazing images. Pictures Tell: The Passover Haggadah is a collection of sheets that pair photographer Zion Ozeri's images with key Haggadah texts to help illuminate both. The photographs are visual commentaries that speak to, expand on, challenge, and re-contextualize the words that have been so carefully handed down through the generations.
  • Leading a Passover seder this year? Whether this will be your first or your tenth time in this role, join us for a special Sefaria webinar on Sunday, April 3 at 8pm EST to help you get ready for this year's seder. From preparing creative Seder activities with Sefaria, to exploring our extensive commentaries in English, this webinar will leave you with new ideas, texts, and resources to bring to your seder table.
  • Finally, don’t forget about Sefaria’s search feature. Type "Passover" or "Seder" into the search bar and choose from topics (hashtag), texts (book icon), collections (collection icon), and more.