An examination of Biblical and Talmudic stories, one section at a time
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Jonah: A 4-Act Story
An examination of Jonah from different points of view, plus 2 songs, a Readers’ Theatre and an original “Sedra Scenes” version, and an “interview” with Jonah.
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Michal: A 5-Act Story
A look at Michal’s story, with discussion questions and explanations connecting the various parts.
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The Daughters of Tzlofchad: A 3-Act Story
An examination of the story of the Daughters of Tzlofchad, with discussion questions and a readers’ theatre version.
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Lot’s Wife: A 3-Act Story
A readers’ theatre version of the story with discussion questions to examine perspectives in the Lot's Wife story
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David and Batsheva: A 5-Act Story
Readers’ Theater and discussion questions between each part of the story of David and Batsheva/Bathsheba
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Esther: A 3-Act Story
Not PublishedDavid Schwartz72 ViewsJuly 4, 2023
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Rebecca: A 3-Act Story
Not PublishedDavid Schwartz114 ViewsJuly 4, 2023
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Tamar and Judah: A 3-Act Story
A readers’ theatre version with discussion questions looking at the story of Tamar from her perspective
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Manoah’s Wife: A 3-Act Story
Looking at the story of Manoah's wife from discussion question angles, along with Readers' Theatre.
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Zipporah: A 3-Act Story
A readers’ theatre and discussion questions examination of the Tzipporah stories, and Prince of Egypt movie clips
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Queen Vashti: A 3-Act Story
An examination of Vashti’s story with discussion questions
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