Robert Alter art of translation and art of biblical narrative and poetics; Hebrew Bible relationship to literature; techniques and methods.
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Is the Parsha called "Judges" -Shoftim - a Good Guide to the Supreme Court Crisis in Israel? Reading the Bible per Robert Alter
Parsha - Judges - Israel - Crisis in the Supreme Court verses the Knesset - Reading the text as it is - Shoftim - Baseless Hatred - Sinat Chinam
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Robert Alter: A Literary Reading of the Bible - Is The Divine Excluded? Listen to Alter's Explanation- A New Podcast: June 2023
Robert Alter's interview in June 2023 by J.J. Kimche is about the Bible's literary style and its text. Is it just a secular, non religious literature like a novel? Does its literary style support its messages? Listen to Alter in his own words.
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Robert Alter - Parshat HaShavua Chukat-Balak - A Complicated Parsha, Yes, but Easier to Read with Context Alter provides in Introductory Essays and Notes - Can the Bible be "Quite Funny"?
Parshat HaShavua Chukat Balak is much easier to read with the context Alter provides in his introductory essays, notes on the parsha and his word for word translations.This is an example of how to read a pasha in larger context of Alter's thinking.
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Robert Alter - Essay Introductions - How to Read Alter's Bible?
Robert Alter's 28 essay-Introductions to the Bible make it much easier to study his translation. Alter's has a complex point of view on the Bible after a lifetime of scholarship and teaching. The essays complement Alters Parshat HaShavua Notes and his landmark translation.
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Robert Alter - Essay "Introduction to the Book of Exodus" Learning by Parshat HaShavua vs Reading Exodus by Themes and as a Whole
Robert Alter's many essay Introductions challenge learning by Parshat HaShavua or by chapters. The Introduction to the Book of Exodus explains the Golden Calf, legalism as pageantry, the Tabernacle and the shift in literary style to folkloric vs realism in Genesis.
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Robert Alter - The Art of Bible Translation 2019
Robert Alter's 2019 overview of his goals and context in The Art of Bible Translation, a very useful introduction and elaboration of his ideas.
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Robert Alter - Parshat Vayakhel Exodus 35:1-38:20 - Alter's Correct Translation of One Word Upholds Women, Their Mirrors and Love of Their Husbands - and Rashi's Affections
Robert Alter - Women, Mirrors, Temple Service; Alter's correction of the mistranslation of one word shows the Parsha, Rashi and Alter see the beauty and dedication of loving Jewish women
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Parshat Noah Genesis 6:9-11:32, Robert Alter
Parshat Noah, Robert Alter selected translation and notes. See Robert Alter, Introduction to Genesis for context and themes.
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