Sample Judaic Studies and interdisciplinary source sheets from our faculty!
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Do the Generations Improve or Diminish?
variety of classical views on the "devolution of the generations"
Tzvi Sinensky1570 ViewsOctober 25, 2019Yeridat Hadorot,Spiritual Decline
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Lessons from MetLife Stadium
Tzvi Sinensky1321 ViewsJanuary 11, 2020
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בעניין ירידת הדורות
variety of classical views on the "devolution of the generations"
Tzvi Sinensky3208 ViewsOctober 24, 2019Spiritual Decline,Yeridat Hadorot
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The Unique Repentance of Tzom Gedalia and Yom Kippur התשובה המיוחדת של צום גדליה וים כיפור
Sources on the connection between the Fast of Gedalia, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Tzvi Sinensky2169 ViewsAugust 27, 2018
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ספר דניאל פרקים ב׳-ז׳
Not PublishedTzvi Sinensky887 ViewsApril 28, 2019
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Reliving the Exodus
Tzvi Sinensky1877 ViewsMarch 24, 2019Passover,Haggadah
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The State is Not God: Jewish Perspectives on "Playing God"
Part of an interdisiplinary learning exercise for students who studied Chekhov's powerful short story "The Bet." In light of the story, which grapples with capital punishment and the State's right to "play God, a group of students explored question of whether we can "play God" or at least partner with God - in the Jewish tradition.
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The Miracle of Repentance
Sources on repentance as miraculous/superrational
Tzvi Sinensky1354 ViewsAugust 27, 2018Repentance
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Suffering, the Homeless, and Making a Difference
Encountering the homeless can raise hard questions about human suffering. How can we approach this topic in a meaningful way? How can we think about "God's master plan" while remaining 100% committed to making a difference in the lives of others?
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"Homeless People Don't Deserve Your Pity"
Source and quotation to spur discussion at a recent Homeless Awareness Group meeting at RKYHS. Students read the quotes, discussed the difference between pity and kindness, and considered what it means to not only give to the homeless but also to connect with them as full-fledged human beings.
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