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?מַאי חֲנוּכָּה
A program to talk about Chanukah in the US
Eli Bass742 ViewsOctober 8, 2021
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Board Retreat 8-30 Dvar Torah
Board retreat learning
Eli Bass635 ViewsAugust 30, 2021Preparation,Miriam,Moses
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A Torah Lens for Conscious Discipline (Copy)
Not PublishedChanie Feldman542 ViewsJuly 12, 2021
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Captions guide for virtual platform facilitation
guide to accommodate participants in virtual programming
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Not PublishedEli Bass578 ViewsJanuary 15, 2021
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Chanukah Leadership Rambam and Jewish Pride
Group learning for session for Chanukah
Eli Bass1924 ViewsNovember 25, 2020Jewish Identity,Chanukkah,Hiddur Mitzvah
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Living Torah: A Framework for Learning
Not PublishedChanie Feldman549 ViewsJanuary 14, 2021
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Chanukah and History
Eli Bass1240 ViewsNovember 30, 2020
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Sukkot this year:
This sheet was made to think about the feelings of insecurity of water during Sukkot. It also ties that same feeling of unpredictability this year (2020) to covid, in trying to think about working through unpredictability. (specifically made for a staff training we did with our Shinshinim)
Eli Bass1058 ViewsSeptember 30, 2020
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The Rabbis in Bnai Brak
Eli Bass1265 ViewsJanuary 27, 2020
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This sheet was part of a larger project seeking to explore competing Jewish values.
Eli Bass980 ViewsJanuary 24, 2020Jewish Values,Creativity,Order
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Our Jewish learning conversation
This sheet was created for staff learning
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Is man a tree in a field?
This sheet was designed to be a staff learning around both Shalom Chanoch and the torah he based his music on.
Eli Bass1489 ViewsJanuary 22, 2020Israeli Music,Tree,War,Hebrew
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