The Kreuzberg Kollel is a communal learning space geared towards in-depth, committed Jewish learning, and an incubator for developing new talent and creative Europe-based teachers rooted in the Jewish tradition. We aim to be both open and deep, inclusive and dedicated. Participants of all genders and Jewish backgrounds commit to one day a week of intensive Bible and Talmud study. In addition, participants propose independent study paths and take part in diverse, comprehensive afternoon seminars with guest lecturers from around the globe.
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Kreuzberg Kollel 4.12
Not PublishedJeremy Borovitz47 ViewsNov 16 2021
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Kreuzberg Kollel 4.7
Not PublishedJeremy Borovitz15 ViewsNov 14 2021
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Kreuzberg Kollel 4.5
Not PublishedJeremy Borovitz15 ViewsNov 14 2021
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Kreuzberg Kollel 4.11
Not PublishedJeremy Borovitz50 ViewsNov 10 2021
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Kollel (6) God? GPS signal lost.
Not PublishedSophie Bigot-Goldblum63 ViewsNov 6 2021
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Kreuzberg Megillah 28b (5) 'Just Friends'
Not PublishedSophie Bigot-Goldblum61 ViewsOct 25 2021
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Parashat Ha'azinu: Leaving God's Bosom
Not PublishedHannah Sedletsky104 ViewsSep 9 2021
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Kreuzberg Kollel 4.4
Not PublishedJeremy Borovitz109 ViewsAug 19 2021
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Shabbat Chol Hamoed Sukkot
Not PublishedJeremy Borovitz93 ViewsSep 17 2021
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Kreuzberg Kollel 4.3
Not PublishedJeremy Borovitz91 ViewsAug 19 2021
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Kreuzberg Kollel 4.2
Not PublishedJeremy Borovitz86 ViewsAug 19 2021
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