This collection takes a deeper look at the many Purim customs, like costumes, joy, food for the hungry, gifts to friends, and more! Where do they come from, and how are they meant to change us?
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Eating Haman
Sefaria Education1821 ViewsJanuary 28, 2020Megillah,Purim,Haman
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Mitzvot of Purim מצוות פורים
What are the mitzvot of Purim aside from megilla reading? What are women’s obligations in them? אילו מצוות יש בפורים מלבד קריאת מגילה? מהו חיוב הנשים בהן?
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Pekudei and Purim ~ what we conceal and what we show
Purim questions us as whether we have a true essence or just a bunch of masks. The Torah points out to our tendency to create such masks. May we at least be aware of the masks.
Nelly Altenburger1554 ViewsMarch 6, 2019Esther,Masks,Purim,Clothing
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What masks do we wear?
Emily Dana549 ViewsFebruary 16, 2021Masks,Purim,Esther
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Mardi Gras and Purim: Similarities and Differences
Purim has sometimes been called "the Jewish Mardi Gras." This source sheet examines the ways in which Purim can be compared to Mardi Gras and ways in which it is different.
Rabbi David Polsky1237 ViewsFebruary 26, 2020Purim,Mardi Gras,Drinking
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The Four Mitzvot (Commandments) of Purim
A source sheet combining objects from the National Library of Israel with text sources and guiding questions.
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