A commentary in progress, on many of the phrases that differ in the RJPS translation (a/k/a THE JPS TANAKH: Gender-Sensitive Edition, 2023) compared to its base translation, NJPS (a/k/a TANAKH, 1962, 1967, 1985, 1999), including its footnotes. This is an edited version of working notes created during the preparation of RJPS. Now that its Torah section has been published (Oct. 2, 2023), my goal is to “publish” a few notes at a time, staying just ahead of the weekly Torah portion. (Disclaimer: The scholarly views expressed in these comments are mine alone; I do not speak for The Jewish Publication Society or its staff.) For the book’s preface, see below.
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Exodus 32:1 - On the “people” label
Explaining the RJPS rendering and footnote.
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On the noun אִישׁ in 1 Samuel 1:11
Entry in a commentary on the noun אִישׁ in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible)
David E. S. Stein91 ViewsAugust 26, 2023
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