Animals in Rabbinic Literature
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Animals of Midrash 🐒🐈🐄
A selection of midrashic stories and parables featuring animals as central literary characters. This array of animals in midrash demonstrate how the early rabbis used the animal world to draw insight and inspiration. Compiled for study with Kinneret Seldowitz
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Cats of Midrash
Loose compilation of cats and lions in Midrash
Dovi Seldowitz1052 ViewsJanuary 3, 2022Animals,Midrash,Lions,Cats
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Pre-Historic Creatures of Midrash
A loose collection of Midrashic tales featuring what might be described as pre-historic creatures
Dovi Seldowitz787 ViewsJanuary 3, 2022Animals
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The Cow That Kept Shabbat (Peskita Rabbati 14:1)
Animals of Midrash
Dovi Seldowitz331 ViewsNovember 26, 2023Animals of Midrash
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The (mostly) Animal Stages of Life
The Stages of Life: King, Pig, Kid Goat, Horse, Donkey, Dog, Monkey.
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Dogs of Midrash
A loose compilation of Dogs in Midrash (and other Talmudic sources)
Dovi Seldowitz1117 ViewsJanuary 3, 2022Talmud,Animals,Nature,Midrash,Dogs
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Bo ~ Dogs and the Jewish tradition
An overview of traditional Jewish sources and archeology regarding the presence of dogs in the Tanach. Dogs as ambivalent in our sources, a sense of guarding, fear and companionship.
Nelly Altenburger547 ViewsJanuary 18, 2023Kayin's Mark,Bereshit,Dogs,Bo
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The Four Small but Wise Creatures (Proverbs 30:24-28)
The Book of Proverbs provides some wonderful observations concerning animal behaviour, but for the Midrash, this is anything but simple...
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Magical Creatures in Midrash
A loose collection of magical creatures in Midrash
Dovi Seldowitz967 ViewsJanuary 3, 2022Midrash,Dragons,Animals,Phoenix,Magic
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Jewish Beliefs Around the Phoenix
Jake Campbell688 ViewsOctober 5, 2020
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Hebraic Beasts and Where to Find Them Part 8: "Unicorns" ( Re'emim V'Tachashim)
Hebraic Beasts and Where to Find Them Part 8: "Unicorns" (Re'emim V'Tachashim)
Ilan Kogan647 ViewsFebruary 21, 2021Tabernacle
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Phoenix in the Torah
Phoenix Rose, is the rising of the Phoenix, a mystical concept rooted in Jewish tradition.
Harry Rozenberg8543 ViewsDecember 26, 2017
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