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Celebration: Yom Yerushalayim
Sources for the song Yerushalayim Shel Zahav
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Lag B'Omer: Celebration or Commemoration?
Is Lag B'Omer a holiday of celebration or commemoration?
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Celebration: Yom Ha'Atzma'ut
References and reflections on the Prayer for the State of Israel
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Pesach, Matza, and Maror: A Story Through Food
What do the foods on the seder plate symbolize?
Liz Levin160 ViewsNovember 2, 2023Haggadah,Passover,Seder,Food
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Eilu Eser Makot & Dayenu: A Story of Numbers
Counting up the Ten Plagues and the 15 Ma'alot of Dayenu
Liz Levin186 ViewsDecember 21, 2023Ten Plagues,Dayenu,Haggadah,Passover
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Ma Nishtanah: The Story of the Four Questions
Where did the Four Questions come from? Have they always been the same? Why these four?
Liz Levin243 ViewsNovember 16, 2023Haggadah,Four Questions,Seder,Passover
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Commemoration: Yom HaZikaron
traditional texts that help frame modern Yom HaZikaron observances
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Commemoration: Yom HaShoah
How was a date chosen for Yom Hashoah? How is is observed?
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Trees in Jewish Thought
3 examples of tree imagery in Jewish thought
Liz Levin163 ViewsSeptember 19, 2023Tree of Life,Tu Bishvat,Trees
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What is Tu b'Shevat?
An exploration of the origins and development of Tu b'Shevat.
Liz Levin161 ViewsSeptember 14, 2023History,Tu B'Shvat
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The Four Mitzvot (Commandments) of Purim
A source sheet combining objects from the National Library of Israel with text sources and guiding questions.
Not PublishedLiz Levin132 ViewsMarch 14, 2022National Library of Israel,Commandments,Megillah,Purim,Mitzvot
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Arami Oved Avi: Our Story in a Nutshell
Where does Arami Oved Avi come from, and why do we use it as our base text at the Seder?
Liz Levin331 ViewsDecember 19, 2023First Fruits,Maggid,Arami Oved Avi,Haggadah
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Avadim Hayinu: How Do We Tell Our Story?
What does it mean to "enlarge" the story? How do the 5 Rabbis in Bene Barak enlarge the story?
Liz Levin213 ViewsDecember 14, 2023Bene Barak,Pesach,Slaves,Rabbi Akiva,Haggadah
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The Behemoth
textual sources for the Behemoth
Liz Levin161 ViewsOctober 11, 2023Behemoth,Mythical Beasts
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The Leviathan
textual sources for the Leviathan
Liz Levin156 ViewsOctober 11, 2023Mythical Beasts,Leviathan
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The Ziz (with bonus: The Shamir)
textual sources for the Ziz
Liz Levin190 ViewsOctober 10, 2023Mythical Beasts,Ziz,Shamir
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The Amidah: Prayers of Thanksgiving
The closing prayers of the Amida
Liz Levin196 ViewsAugust 9, 2023Amida
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Blessing of Creation: Yotzer Or and Ma'ariv Aravim
Looking at the Yotzer Or and Ma'ariv Aravim, the First Blessings of the Shema.
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Blessing of Revelation: Ahavat Olam and Ahavah Rabbah
Digging into Ahavat Olam and Ahava Rabba, the Blessings of Revelation
Liz Levin218 ViewsMarch 13, 2023Ahava,Revelation,Shema,Chosenness,Love
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Blessing of Redemption: Emet v'Yatziv and Emet v'Emunah
Looking at the Emet v'Yatziv and the Emet v'Emunah, the blessings of redemption.
Liz Levin303 ViewsMarch 16, 2023Redemption,Shema,Truth
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