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New Text Roundup: January to June 2023
A complete list of new texts and translations added to the Sefaria library.
Sefaria Communications1695 ViewsJuly 6, 2023Sefaria News
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How We Approach Expanding the Sefaria Library
As the library grows, we want to take a moment to reflect on our values as an organization and offer insight into how we approach building our collection.
Sefaria Communications748 ViewsOctober 14, 2022Blog,Sefaria News
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What Do Jewish Texts Tell Us About Translation?
Jewish text indicate that translation has been going on for millennia — and for as long as Jews have translated their texts, they've also discussed if, when, and how to do so. See what some core texts of the canon can tell us about this ongoing conversation.
Sefaria Communications918 ViewsMay 2, 2023Translation,Torah Study
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Introducing: The Revised JPS Translation of Prophets
Sefaria and The Jewish Publication Society have partnered to release a new Prophets (Nevi'im) translation, the first major update since their iconic 1985 translation.
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Continuing the Legacy of Rabbi Sacks Through a New Historic Collaboration
Koren Jerusalem, The Rabbi Sacks Legacy, and Sefaria are working together to bring the work of Rabbi Sacks to more learners around the globe.
Sefaria Communications1515 ViewsSeptember 10, 2023Rabbi Sacks
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Literal, Readable, or Explanatory: Insights From Modern Translators of Jewish Texts
Go behind the scenes of the translation process to discover the considerations and challenges that come up when working with ancient texts.
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Translation as Theology
David Kasher4144 ViewsJanuary 22, 2020
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Sefaria for the Visually Impaired
Accessibility is essential to Sefaria's work. We want to make the textual heritage of the Jewish people available to all users, not just sighted ones.
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How a Melton School Ethics Course Uses Sefaria to Engage Adult Learners
The four-week curriculum utilizes Sefaria texts and tools to explore the development of Jewish thought.
Sefaria Communications1209 ViewsNovember 3, 2022Technology,Education,Ethics
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New on Sefaria: 4 Essential Texts of Chabad Chasidut
Enjoy the Tanya in Hebrew and English, Torah Ohr, Likkutei Torah, and Derekh Mitzvotekha — all interlinked with the Sefaria library.
Sefaria Communications721 ViewsDecember 12, 2022Chabad,Chasidut
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In case you missed it... Tech Updates – 2022
Here is a roundup of some tech and product updates we have made since the end of 2021.
Sefaria Communications3171 ViewsJanuary 20, 2022Tech,Blog,Sefaria
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Library Updates - 2022
2022 - We’re delighted to share our newest additions to the Sefaria library. Read some of the highlights and start exploring. 
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Announcing the Complete Mishneh Torah in English
Rambam's influential legal code is now available for all to read on Sefaria, interlinked with the rest of our library.
Sefaria Communications1800 ViewsSeptember 15, 2022Halakhah
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New in the Reference section: Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
Today we're excited to share the latest addition to our Reference section: the Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon — also known as BDB — the most widely used and comprehensive scholarly dictionary for Torah study.
Sefaria Communications2401 ViewsOctober 14, 2022Sefaria News,Tanakh
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German Translation of the Talmud, Originally Completed on Eve of WWII, Now Available Online
A team of German and Austrian scholars worked with Sefaria to digitize the landmark text, link it to translations in other languages, and make it accessible to all.
Sefaria Communications2785 ViewsSeptember 27, 2021German,Blog,Talmud,Translation
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2021: New Year, New Texts
Sefaria Communications2461 ViewsDecember 29, 2020
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New Feature: Manuscripts
Learn how to find manuscripts for Tanakh, Mishnah, and the Babylonian Talmud in this guide. Thanks to work done by the National Library of Israel, we are able to align each manuscript with the corresponding text on Sefaria.
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New Spanish Translations on Sefaria
New Spanish translations on Sefaria, courtesy of Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano.
Sefaria Communications2594 ViewsSeptember 10, 2021Blog
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