New Text Roundup: Summer/Fall 2023
With more than 3,300 titles, the Sefaria library is always growing for your learning and enjoyment.
Below, find a list of the latest texts and translations to join the digital stacks thanks to the generous support of our global community of learners.
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  • [English] Bereshit Rabbah: verse-by-verse interpretations of the book of Genesis, translated by a Sefaria-commissioned team led by Jason Rappoport
  • [English] Torah and Writings from the Revised JPS Tanakh: the latest biblical translation by The Jewish Publication Society
  • [English] Likutei Tefilot (Volume 1, Prayers 67-152; Volume 2, Prayers 1-29): a collection of prayers composed by Rebbe Natan Sternhartz, the foremost student of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov




  • [Hebrew] Chidushei HaRadal: commentaries by the 19th century rabbi David Luria (the Radal) on Midrash Rabbah


  • [English] Rabbinic Authority by A. Yehuda Warburg: a series of contemporary works about the parameters and scope of rabbinic authority and the workings of Jewish courts
  • [Hebrew] Shaleach Teshalach by Naftali Weinberger: a 21st-century work on the commandment to send away a mother bird before taking her young or her eggs


  • [Hebrew] Nefesh David on Zohar by David Luria: a 19th-century commentary on the Zohar
  • [Hebrew] Sha'ar HaMitzvot: teachings of Isaac Luria, compiled by his student Chaim Vital
  • [Hebrew] Sha’ar Ruach HaKodesh by Chaim Vital: a discourse on kabbalistic meditation and customs based on the Arizal’s teachings and edited by the author’s son, Shmuel Vital



  • [Hebrew] Beit Yisrael by the Ruzhiner Rebbe and his sons: a collection of 19th-century chasidic teachings and Torah insights
  • [Hebrew] Derekh HaMelekh by the Piaseczner Rebbe (Kalonymus Kalman Shapira): sermons on the weekly Torah portions and holidays, as well as other collected material
  • [Hebrew] Esh Kodesh by the Piaseczner Rebbe: a collection of discourses delivered in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust, grappling religiously and existentially with suffering
  • [Hebrew] Imrei Shefer by Abraham Abulafia: insights on select weekly Torah portions
  • [Hebrew] Irin Kadishin, Irin Kadishin Tinyana, and Irin Kadishin Tlita'a

Jewish Thought


  • [Hebrew] Kerakh Shel Romi by Yisrael Moshe Chazan: 19th-century treatises on questions of Jewish law that arose during the author’s time in Rome
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