Hasidic, Zoharic and Contemporary sources on the spiritual meanings of the shofar. These sheets were created for Jewish Studio Process mindful art sessions with Rabbi Margie Jacobs- you are invited to write, paint, or otherwise reflect on what arises as you study the sources and reflect on the questions in this collection.
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From the Depths: The Voice of Truth
Shofar as "voice of truth" from the "depths of the heart"
Rabbi Margie Jacobs274 ViewsSeptember 8, 2023Rosh Hashanah,Shofar,Elul,Cheshbon
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Shofar: From the Narrow Place
An excerpt for Rabbi Nachman's student of the shape of the shofar
Rabbi Margie Jacobs277 ViewsAugust 28, 2023Teshuvah,Shape of Shofar,Shofar
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Tiku Bachodesh: Becoming New
The Shofar, and the High Holiday season, invite us to renew ourselves.
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Shofar: Uncovering Compassion
We evoke Divine Compassion through our compassion
Rabbi Margie Jacobs648 ViewsSeptember 11, 2023Shofar,Compassion
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Tears & Teshuva
An exploration of tears & teshuva
Rabbi Margie Jacobs913 ViewsAugust 30, 2021Tears,Rosh Hashanah,Teshuvah
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Hearing the Sound (or Voice) of the Shofar
What are the spiritual implications of the Shofar blessing- to hear, rather than to blow?
Rabbi Margie Jacobs366 ViewsSeptember 8, 2023Elul,Hearing,Shofar,Rosh Hashanah
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