Compiled by Rabbi Monica Kleinman for an ongoing adult learning course.
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Matches and Marriage in Halachic Literature
Marches & Marriages in Halachic Literature
Rabbi Monica Kleinman602 ViewsJune 8, 2021Wedding
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Responsibilities of Parents to Children
Responsibilities of Parents to Children
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Halachot of Marriage & Divorce
Halachic sources on marriage and divorce
Rabbi Monica Kleinman548 ViewsJanuary 31, 2021Marriage,Divorce,Halacha
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Selected Halacha on Childbirth and Brit Milah
What Jewish texts have to say about childbirth and brit milah
Rabbi Monica Kleinman1139 ViewsDecember 12, 2020Brit Milah,Childbirth,Halacha,Bris
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Selected Halacha on Abortion
Abortion and beginning of life in Jewish tradition
Rabbi Monica Kleinman521 ViewsNovember 16, 2021Abortion,Nefesh
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Halachot Regarding Childhood & Coming of Age
What halacha says about becoming a Jewish adult
Rabbi Monica Kleinman688 ViewsFebruary 1, 2021Learning
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Death & Mourning in Halacha: Funeral Traditions
Funeral rituals we learn about from Halacha
Rabbi Monica Kleinman526 ViewsJune 22, 2022Death
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