An American University (Washington, DC) based group dedicated to exploring and affirming LGBTQ-Jewish identity. The sheets in this collection were used during ReJEWvenate meetings.
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Sources incorporated into a small tashlich booklet compiled for ReJEWvenate 5780
Cameron Wheeler1130 ViewsSeptember 24, 2019Tashlich
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Berel-Beyle בערל-ביילע
Primary source document
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I've got a cavern of secrets, None of them are for you
Who knew Carlye Rae Jepsen was such a devout scholar of the Rebbe Nachman of Breslov?
Cameron Wheeler1328 ViewsMay 16, 2019
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Justice and the Rule of Law
What is the role of a Jew in the modern government? Is it to enforce justice and the rule of law or to seperate oneself from the government? Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? These are all questions to explore with the use of these texts.
Cameron Wheeler1348 ViewsNovember 8, 2019Rabbis,Rule of Law,Justice
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Pesach Sheni
Cameron Wheeler1583 ViewsMay 19, 2019
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Just Guys Being Pals?
A sheet I created and taught for American University's ReJEWvenate LGBTQ+Jewish group on campus.
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