Ten classes on the theme of Psalms in Jewish prayer, formal and informal Collection Image: "David Composing the Psalms," Paris Psalter, 10th century By anonymous - Paris psalter (BnF MS Grec 139), folio 1v, Public Domain,
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Psalms in Liturgy 10 - Psalm 145 "Ashrei"
A discussion of the psalm that plays the largest role in public Jewish prayer: "Ashrei" (Psalm 145 with additions)
David M. Rosenberg81 ViewsApril 9, 2022Psalm 145,Psalms,Ashrei
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Psalms in Liturgy 9 - Psalms 20 & 130 Psalms for times of trouble
In this class we will explore examples of psalms that individuals and communities turn to in times of trouble.
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Psalms in Liturgy 8 - Psalm 92 A Song for the Sabbath Day
The Psalm for the Sabbath day - righteousness over wickedness.
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Psalms in Liturgy 6 - Hallel - Psalm 114/115
Jewish liturgy includes a special collection of psalms for holidays and Chanukah (Hallel, Psalms 113-118). In this class we will explore passages which help set the tone for Hallel as a whole: Psalms 114 and 115. Depending on how one looks at this psalms, they are either a single unit, two units, or three units.
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Psalms in Liturgy 4 - Psalm 24 ( Song of the Day for Sunday)
Psalm 24 is the first of the weekday 'songs of the day/shir shel yom.' What is the purpose/function of the 'song of the day' in its Temple context and in our lives? What does Psalm 24 teach about being a human being in God's world? What does it say about the world, Temple, and God?
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Psalms in Liturgy 3 - Psalm 126 (Shir HaMa'alot)
The "Songs of Ascents" (Psalms 120-134) are a unique and beloved collection of prayers of praise and petition in the book of Psalms. "Shir HaMa'alot" (Psalm 126) is particularly beloved. This source sheet explores the imagery, language, music, and visual power of this psalm.
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Psalms in Liturgy 2 - Psalm 147
Psalm 147 in the context of Pesukei deZimra (Verses of Song) and as a psalm on its own.
David M. Rosenberg147 ViewsJanuary 30, 2022
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Psalms in Liturgy 1 - Psalm 23
David M. Rosenberg186 ViewsJanuary 23, 2022
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