The collective source sheets of Olami Rabbis and educators around the world.
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The Hidden Light of Chanukah
Understanding the hidden light of Chanukah in theory and practice.
Doron Lazarus1142 ViewsDecember 1, 2019Light,Chanukah,Neshama
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#Me Too
Understanding sexual harassment and safeguards in Jewish thought.
Doron Lazarus672 ViewsJanuary 29, 2020#MeToo,Sexual Harassment
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Defining True Heroes
Defining true heroes in the Jewish thought.
Doron Lazarus718 ViewsJanuary 30, 2020Heroes,Hero
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Character Assassination
Helping understand the laws of Lashon Hara as it relates to reviews, reputation and character assassination.
Doron Lazarus865 ViewsJanuary 21, 2020Slander,Lashon Hara,Gossip,Reviews
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Is Judaism All or Nothing?
Is Judaism All or Nothing, seeing both sides of the perspective.
Doron Lazarus937 ViewsDecember 1, 2019All or Nothing
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The Real You
Interactive class understanding the nature of your root soul and reincarnation.
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Priorities in Dating
How to prioritize factors in Jewish dating.
Doron Lazarus853 ViewsNovember 21, 2019Marriage,Dating
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Behind Enemy Lines
Understand the Jewish view of warfare and hostage situations.
Doron Lazarus1114 ViewsNovember 13, 2019Ethics,Warfare,Hostages
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Unleash Your Inner Beast
Understand how to unleash your inner beast, Jewish style!
Doron Lazarus987 ViewsOctober 16, 2019Soul,Nature,Beast
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Deeper Meaning of Apples and Honey
Doron Lazarus1001 ViewsSeptember 6, 2018
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Chanukah - Scratching Beneath the Surface
Understand the underlying battle between Greek and Jewish philosophies and how they play out in the modern world.
Doron Lazarus998 ViewsNovember 21, 2018Noach,Greek,Chanukah,Wine
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Time to Be the Authentic You
Understand the Jewish view on being an authentic human being, true to oneself, and living a life of genuine consistency.
Doron Lazarus1104 ViewsDecember 14, 2018Lying,Hypocrisy,Authentic,Genuine
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The 8 Jewish Principles of Overcoming Fear
Understand the Jewish principles about relating and overcoming fear.
Doron Lazarus1542 ViewsJanuary 17, 2019Courage,Fearless,Bravery,Fear
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A Glimpse Into the Messianic Era
The Jewish view on the coming of the Messianic Era.
Doron Lazarus1112 ViewsJanuary 30, 2019Messiah,Moshiach,Ruth,David
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