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(When) Do the Ends Justify the Means?
by Elana Stein Hain. There are a number of approaches in the Chazal/Rabbinic literature about the question of when the ends justify the means. This sheet offers three such approaches. The approaches differ from one another and may even stand in tension with one another.
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Sukkot: The Anxieties of Universalism
In rabbinic thought, Sukkot is often presented – based on Biblical understanding – as a holiday representing the potential for all of humanity. What does this mean, and how might it speak to us today?
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Transitions, New Beginnings, and New Regrets
In our late Corona world, with geopolitical and domestic upheaval, many of us are experiencing a time of transition and new beginnings. How can rabbinic treatments of Rosh Hashanah contribute to our understanding of who we want to be during such change?
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Self-Incrimination and Confession: What We Know and Say about Ourselves
While the western world presents religion as being a private matter of belief, Yom Kippur pushes in the direction of the public collective as a site of relationship with God. What are the dimensions of this different way of thinking?
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Strategies for Navigating Uncertainty: Majority and Status Quo
What assumptions do we make when attempting to reach a solution in uncertain situations? In this session, we survey some rabbinic answers to this question. This session is part of Ideas for Today by the Shalom Hartman Institute.
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Accusations, Rumors, and Scandal
Shalom Hartman716 ViewsDecember 8, 2021
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Resolving Uncertainty Amidst Competing Claims: Civil Law
How does rabbinic thought manage uncertainty when it arises from competing claims from people themselves? This session is part of Ideas for Today, the Shalom Hartman Institute's virtual learning season with exclusive multi-session seminars, public lectures, and special programs that harness Jewish wisdom for a better future.
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