A set of source sheets examining aspects of the Jewish holidays.
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Pesach notes from “The Telling” by Mark Gerson
Not PublishedDavid Schwartz46 ViewsJuly 20, 2022
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The Story of the 4 Questions, Cups, and Children
The evolution of the Four Questions, Cups, and Children
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Ice Cream for Breakfast: Dairy & Shavuot
Explanations for why we eat dairy on Shavuot, based on "Milk and Honey are Under Thy Tongue", but with texts in context and expanded.
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The History of the Yellow Candle
An article describing the history of the Yom HaShoah yellow candle.
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The Ultra-Chocolaty Haggadah
A haggadah for a chocolate seder, with chocolate in every step.
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The Story of the Afikomen
Not PublishedDavid Schwartz110 ViewsMarch 22, 2022
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Grog and Groggers: The Origin of Purim Customs
The origins of Hamantaschen, Groggers, Costumes, Shpiels, “Chag Purim”, Drinking, Seudah, Megillah, Matanot LeEvyonim, and Mishloach Manot
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Al Hanisim
A sheet about the Chanukah prayer “Al Hanisim”, along with 5 explanations for why we celebrate for 8 days and light lights. Musical samples are included.
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What is the holiday of Sigd?
Explanation of Sigd, plus history of Jews in Ethiopia plus other places in Africa
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Exploring Kol Nidrei
A look at Kol Nidrei, including why the Ashkenazic and Sephardic versions are different.
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