A set of source sheets examining aspects of the Jewish holidays.
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Apples and Honey in the Bible
An examination of every instance of apples or honey in the Bible plus how the custom developed (and music!)
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The History of Simchat Torah
A history of the evolution of Simchat Torah, with context of each source, plus a look at Simchat Torah flags.
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Jonah: A 4-Act Story
An examination of Jonah from different points of view, plus 2 songs, a Readers’ Theatre and an original “Sedra Scenes” version, and an “interview” with Jonah.
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Who Benefits from Machine Matzah?
Not PublishedDavid Schwartz98 ViewsApril 9, 2023
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Exploring Kol Nidrei
A look at Kol Nidrei, including why the Ashkenazic and Sephardic versions are different.
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Grog and Groggers: The Origin of Purim Customs
The origins of Hamantaschen, Groggers, Costumes, Shpiels, “Chag Purim”, Drinking, Seudah, Megillah, Matanot LeEvyonim, and Mishloach Manot
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Personally Connecting to Hallel
A look at Hallel with reflection questions and musical versions
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Taking Shabbat Dinner to the Next Level
Ways to go beyond just the basic 3 blessings to make Shabbat dinner more special
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Esther: A 3-Act Story
Not PublishedDavid Schwartz81 ViewsJuly 4, 2023
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