This collection features GrowTorah's Core Environmental Lessons. Many are adaptations from Canfei Nesharim's 18 core Jewish Environmental Lessons. Canfei Nesharim and GrowTorah merged in December 2019.
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Shmita: Rest and Release as Pillars of Justice
Based on a Sourcesheet from The Jewish Farm school, written by Nati Passow and Yigal Deutscher.
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Tzedakah: Where and How do I give?
Not PublishedYosef Gillers188 ViewsDecember 22, 2020
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Tzedakah V'Chesed: Goodness vs Justice. Why should we give?
Not PublishedYosef Gillers186 ViewsDecember 22, 2020
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Compost Torah
Yosef Gillers1366 ViewsFebruary 8, 2018Tu BiShevat,Bal Tashchit
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Uprooting "Bad" Habits: Removing Weeds for Teshuva. AKA Character Self-Care
Removing weeds in the garden is a fantastic teshuva opportunity - the weeds represent bad habits we'd like to uproot from ourselves. Here are a few basic sources to guide our thinking.
Yosef Gillers1373 ViewsMay 24, 2018Teshuva,Growtorah,Garden
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Protecting our Water
Yosef Gillers905 ViewsApril 30, 2018Water,Growtorah
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