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יום חמה במילואה Yom Hamah b'miluah Summer Solstice
In this study sheet I'm offering a renewal of an old tradition celebrating the "t'kufot" of the solar year and naming the Summer Solstice - Yom Hamah b'miluah / The day of the Sun's fullness - the day in which the sun is at it's fullest glory in the sky. [I live in the N. hemisphere, but if you live in the S. hemisphere, this day will fall on the winter solstice].
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Hitlamdut #2: Kavod
Gila Caine50 ViewsJune 2, 2023
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גדול המצווה ועושה
Not PublishedGila Caine13 ViewsApril 12, 2023
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**עבודת שורשים . Roots Project**
This study sheet for Tu B'Shvat follows the pathway of the earth-moisture, from sap running around the tree's arteries (if we may call them so), and all the way down to the roots and web of connections. This is a celebration of the hidden parts of the tree, and of all we can learn from this aspect of arboreal wisdom.
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Hitlamdut #1
Not PublishedGila Caine22 ViewsJanuary 25, 2023
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Holding Space: One cubit by one cubit
How can a mourning ritual transform itself into a ritual of hope and revival? Unpacking the ancient practice of leaving a non-painted square in our home, and the way in which Shechinah finds herself in that space
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