Atid is the 20's and 30's group of Temple Emanu-El in Dallas, Texas. We hold Talmud class every Tuesday night.
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Talmud Study Blessings
Eli Cohn-Wein17 ViewsJul 6 2021Blessings
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The Power of Touch
Eli Cohn-Wein18 ViewsJul 6 2021
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Eli Cohn-Wein30 ViewsJun 22 2021
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God's Pronouns
Eli Cohn-Wein51 ViewsJun 14 2021
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Praying for Rain
Eli Cohn-Wein105 ViewsMay 18 2021
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Why does it matter to be together to pray?
Eli Cohn-Wein125 ViewsMay 9 2021
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The Fresh Prince of Egypt
A Comparative Study of the story of Exodus and the Movie "Prince of Egypt."
Eli Cohn-Wein164 ViewsMar 30 2021Passover,Pharaoh,Moses
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Hope In the Desert
Eli Cohn-Wein189 ViewsMar 9 2021
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What is Work Worth?
Eli Cohn-Wein177 ViewsMar 2 2021
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Eli Cohn-Wein173 ViewsFeb 28 2021
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On Warmth
After the winter storms here in Texas, an investigation into Judaism's relationship with warmth.
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Performative Gratitude
An Exploration of why Judaism instructs us to be so vocal about giving thanks.
Eli Cohn-Wein454 ViewsNov 15 2020Thanksgiving,Gratitude,Prayer
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Talkin' Trees & Talmud
Eli Cohn-Wein287 ViewsJan 26 2021
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