Atid is the 20's and 30's group of Temple Emanu-El in Dallas, Texas.
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Gender Matters
A Conversation on Gender and Jewish Identity
Eli Cohn-Wein368 ViewsMarch 8, 2022Identity,Transgender,Sexuality
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Is Judaism a Race? Religion? Does it matter?
Eli Cohn-Wein337 ViewsJanuary 17, 2022Religion,Race
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So You Say You Want a Revolution
When should we revolt?
Eli Cohn-Wein435 ViewsNovember 5, 2021Riot,Revolution,Protest,Revolt
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The Torah is Not in Heaven
Eli Cohn-Wein513 ViewsOctober 28, 2021
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Pizza in the Hut: Sukkot in a Non-Agrarian Society
Pizza in the Hut: Sukkot in a Non-Agrarian Society
Eli Cohn-Wein573 ViewsSeptember 8, 2021Sukkot
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Challah Back
Why and how do we make challah?
Eli Cohn-Wein519 ViewsAugust 17, 2021Challah
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High Holidays
Eli Cohn-Wein504 ViewsJuly 27, 2021
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Planning for the Great Beyond
Eli Cohn-Wein517 ViewsJuly 20, 2021Rebirth
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Talmud Study Blessings
Eli Cohn-Wein466 ViewsJuly 6, 2021Blessings
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The Power of Touch
Eli Cohn-Wein455 ViewsJuly 6, 2021
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Introduction to Jewish Texts
Eli Cohn-Wein495 ViewsJune 29, 2021Introduction
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Eli Cohn-Wein588 ViewsJune 22, 2021
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God's Pronouns
Eli Cohn-Wein561 ViewsJune 14, 2021
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Praying for Rain
Eli Cohn-Wein549 ViewsMay 18, 2021
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Atid Takes on Talmud Turns 1!
Eli Cohn-Wein537 ViewsMay 16, 2021
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Why does it matter to be together to pray?
Eli Cohn-Wein619 ViewsMay 9, 2021
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