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Don't Destroy the World on Account of Fools: The Roman Jewish Community's Policy of Pragmatism
With attacks on Jews on the rise in the aftermath of the October 7 events, some Jewish communities have noted that the hatred toward Jews runs far deeper than many realised. In the face of such an enormous problem, how should we fight back? And how much is enough?
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The Chasid and the Ghosts (Berakhot 18b with introduction)
Berakhot 18b with introduction
Dovi Seldowitz334 ViewsSeptember 6, 2022
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Rabbis Down Under: Exploring Australian Values Through a Jewish Lens
For over 230 years, Jews have participated in Australian life, finding a place of opportunity and possibility, with Australian values complementing Jewish life. But what might have the rabbis of the Talmud and Midrash thought of Australian values?
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The Tree(s) of Life & Knowledge
This worksheet offers a Midrashic & Aggadic lens on the Tree(s) of Life/Knowledge with a focus on the image of the tree symbol rather than the meaning of the symbol in context of a sermon on the origins of good and evil.
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Terra Nullius / ארץ לא־איש
Exploring the theme of uninhabited land in Jewish sources, read in connection to the idea of Terra Nullius ('nobody's land') in the Australian context.
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The Cow That Kept Shabbat (Peskita Rabbati 14:1)
Animals of Midrash
Dovi Seldowitz190 ViewsNovember 26, 2023Animals of Midrash
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Torah of the Shuk: The Market as a Site for Ethical Learning in Midrash and Aggadah
The market is a site that features in many tales in Midrash and Talmudic Aggadah. Rather than conjuring up a portrait of matters of the mundane or even the profane, the market of Midrash is transformed into a site of ethical and moral learning.
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