Shimon was the second son of Jacob and Leah. After his sister was kidnapped and raped by Shechem, he and his brother Levi went on a rampage against their city. Because of his rash actions, he was cursed by his father so that his descendants would be scattered. He was the founder of the Tribe of Shimon.שמעון הוא בנם השני של יעקב ולאה. לאחר שאחותו דינה נאנסה ונשבתה בידי שכם, יצא שמעון עם אחיו לוי לנקום בבני עירו. בשל פזיזותו קילל אותו יעקב שצאצאיו יחולקו ויפוצו. הוא אבי שבט שמעון.
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